Faith by Bill Vincent

A Connection of God's Power

Faith: A Connection of God's Power is a cutting edge book that will stir a new level of faith in today's world.


Faith: A Connection of God's Power is a cutting edge book that will stir a new level of faith in today's world. Whether you are a new Christian or a longtime friend of God, you will truly be blessed by Bill Vincent's simple teachings through this book. In his passionate desire to see believers walk in the supernatural, Bill Vincent has put together this book "Faith: A Connection of God's Power" to stir up believers into greater dimensions of spiritual manifestation. Bill experienced the faith teaching for the first ten years of his ministry. Everyone was preaching the faith message and Bill spent over ten years of his ministry avoiding that subject. It was in his heart that all that could have been taught was taught on the simple subject of faith. In mid 2015 Bill found God moving him to preach on faith nearly every week. Now, after a long anticipation for the fresh release on this subject, we hope you enjoy Faith: A Connection of God's Power.

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational

Language: English

Keywords: faith, believe, miracles, healings, power

Word Count: 9500

Sample text:

What most Christians seem to miss is that there is power in what we say. This can work both for good or evil. Wrong confessions imprison us, and right confessions set us free! When you talk weakness, you will be weak! When you talk sickness, you will be sick! When you talk poverty, you will be poor! Confess your fears and the disease of that confession will grow! If we keep looking for the tumor or growth, you will get the tumor before you know it. The best way in the world to get old is to talk about it - keep talking about it and you will not be disappointed! People love to say, “Oh, I’m getting old” or “I’m losing my mind in my old age.” This can start as early as childhood. I hear children say, “I can’t run because of my bad knee.” They usually hurt it years before, but still use the excuse and confess a bad injury from an old mild one.

This is faith in reverse and it is just as powerful in the wrong direction, as in the right direction. If wrong confessions confine us, right confessions set us free. Right confessions are confessions that refuse to take notice of what you feel, what you think and what you know.

Right confessions listen not to the testimony of the senses, and take no awareness of aches, pains, symptoms, tumors or growths. They believe that what God says is truer than what these things proclaim, however loud and insistent may be their voice.

What you feel and see could be wrong, but God's Word is never wrong! The testimony of your aches and pains is still not as reliable a witness as the testimony of God's Word. People go through life listening to and proclaiming the testimony of their senses. They turn their back on the clear testimony of God's Word. Preferring rather to believe what they think, feel, see and know, is it any wonder so many are in trouble? In this chapter you will discover a new found freedom to overcome.

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