Fabulously You A 30-Day Weight Loss Makeover by Susan Palmquist

Want to lose weight? Want to fit into that little black dress or the wedding dress?

Fabulously you a 30-day weight loss makeover

Want to lose weight?

Want to fit into that little black dress or the wedding dress?

In a panic because vacation time is around the corner and you want to look good in the bikini?

Most of us think going on a diet is about giving up the foods we love, preparing special dishes or being at the gym for hours on end, but sometimes it’s those little tweaks that get us to where we need to be.

Fabulously You-A 30 Day Weight Loss Makeover does just that.

30 days of tips and hints that is easy to follow, and better yet, easy to stick with.

Use these tips all by themselves or to accompany a diet plan and in one month’s time you’ll be Fabulously You.

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Language: English

Keywords: weight loss, how to lose weight, weight management, diets, 30 day makeovers, exercise, motivation, goals

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While an older title, I feel this is an evergreen topic and one that everyone will find useful.

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Day Four-Hobby

Some days…even some hours are going to be tough when you’re craving something sweet or something you know is going to add extra calories. A great way to take your mind off the cravings is to get a new hobby.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to pursue, a skill you want to learn, a language you want to tackle? When you’re thinking about that chocolate cake or that slice of deep-dish pizza, go to your hobby and see how quickly all thoughts of that cake or pizza quickly disappear.


Day Five-Stocking Supplies

A great thing to do before you start your makeover is to get rid of temptations but that’s sometimes hard when you live with other people who aren’t pursuing the same goal as you. A great solution is to make sure you have you own snacks and goodies on hand when temptation strikes. Apples, string cheese, low fat crackers, and veggies with low fat dip. Stock up and be ready.

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