Exotic and Domestic Pets by Owen Jones

An introduction to some unusual aspects of domestic and exotic pets

This is an introduction to some unusual aspects of some domestic and exotic pets.

Exotic and domestic pets

I hope that you will find the information helpful, useful and profitable.

The information in this ebook on various aspects of exotic pets and others is organised into 17 chapters of about 500-600 words each.

I hope that it will interest those who love animals.

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Genre: PETS / General

Secondary Genre: PETS / Insects & Spiders

Language: English

Keywords: stick insects, copperhead snakes, cat allergies, boarding dogs, equine colic, horse blankets, ferrets

Word Count: 10,500

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Sample text:

Caring for a Pet Snake

Pet snakes are definitely not for the typical pet-lover, just as snakes are not for most people, as they have an irrational fear of them. If you usually think of cats and dogs when you think of pets, you really must think long and hard before buying a pet snake as much for the sake of the snake as for your own.

Having said that, if you are really interested in snakes - and why not? - they make very interesting pets, even if they cannot be taken for a walk or cuddled like a cat or a dog. Some snake-owners do say hat they feel some affection for and from their pet snakes though, surprising as that may seem to most people.

The main point is, if you have not had a snake before, not to take the decision lightly because they are a lot of work on a regular basis although this is not daily as with cats and dogs. They are more like a half=way house between tropical fish and furry, cuddly Western pets.

Once you have taken the decision to have a pet snake, you need to think even harder about which species you should buy, because some are dangerous, some have greater needs than others and some grow pretty large. The Reticulated Python of Thailand can grow to 10 metres! That is 33 feet and at that size, very, very few animals, including humans are safe from it if it is hungry.

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