Ex-Spinster by Christmas by Cheryl Bolen

Tired of being a spinster, duke's daughter vows to wed by Christmas, but her wealthy ex-lover must prevent her from throwing herself away on an unworthy fortune hunter.

Ex-spinster by christmas

Ever pragmatic, Lady Caroline Ponsby has given up hope she’ll ever receive a proposal of marriage from Christopher Perry, the wealthy man she’s adored for almost two years. She is determined to be an ex-spinster by Christmas. To that end, she has invited a prospective suitor to spend Christmas with her family. She knows very well that Lord Brockton would love to get his hands on her dowry, and she’d love to be a married woman with a home and family of her own.

The very idea of his Lady Caroline throwing herself away on the likes of the vile Lord Brockton rankles Christopher Perry. A pity he cannot offer for her himself, but a duke’s daughter is too far above his touch, given his family’s humble origins. Nevertheless, Christopher attends the Duke of Aldridge’s Christmas house party with the intention of thwarting Lady Caroline’s grave misalliance with Brockton. If only he’s not too late . . .

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Holiday

Language: English

Keywords: Regency, Christmas, lighthearted, Gerogette Heyer, English, Christi Caldwell

Word Count: 22,439

Sales info:

My books have made the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, and I have been an Amazon All Star author.

Sample text:

“Have you taken leave of your senses?” Margaret’s eyes widened and her mouth gaped open. “How could you possibly consider marrying Lord Brockton when you’re in love with Christopher Perry?”

            Lady Caroline Ponsby sighed. “Over the course of a year and a half Mr. Perry has yet to proclaim his affections for me.”

            “But he loves you. We all know it.”

            “I thought Mr. Perry loved me,” Caro said with a sigh. “But I was mistaken.”

            “You are not mistaken! He rarely goes a day without seeing you. He’s no longer interested in any woman except you.”

            “But being wed is as disagreeable to Mr. Perry as the pox. I’m tired of being the pitiable spinster. It’s been four years since I came out, and I have failed most deplorably to attract a husband.”

            “You most decidedly have not failed most deplorably! Have not eleven men sought your hand in marriage?”

            Caro’s gaze narrowed. “That was before Christopher Perry.”

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