Entranced by Tamara Hart Heiner

Mythology fantasy for teens

Romance and drama and soul-sucking goddesses, oh my.


Senior year, and I've got it all: a great boyfriend, an exciting job, and easy classes. And I'm finally figuring how to use my ability to see death before it happens. After the fiasco that was last year, a bit of a break feels well-deserved.

So of course it can't last. Because now there's another goddess on the scene, and her powers are freaky strong. Stronger than mine. People are vanishing. The police suspect a cult, but I know better. And if I'm going to stop her, I've got to become stronger also.

If I fail, people won't lose their lives. Just their souls.

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fairy Tales & Folklore / Country & Ethnic

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: magic powers, occult, mythology, paranormal romance, teen romance, gods and goddesses , witches and magic

Word Count: 80000

Sales info:

Book 2 in a series with consistently great sales and sale through to the rest of the series.

Sample text:

Chapte ne


Tee-tle-tee-tle-lee. Tee-tle-tee-tle-lee. Tee-tle-tee-tle-lee.
The soothing chime danced in and out of my consciousness several times before my mind sat up and took notice. Around that same time, my eyes popped open.

That was my alarm. How long had it been going off?

“Criminy,” I groaned, searching around my bed for the out-of-date flip phone. I knew I should’ve chosen one of those harsh, obnoxious alarms to wake me up.

Seven-fifteen. Criminy, criminy, criminy. First day of school, and I was going to be so late.

Unless I could get out of driving Beth.

I threw my hair in a ponytail and slipped on jeans with flip-flops, then tossed on a high-necked t-shirt to hide the scar on my neck. Grabbing a cotton ball, I swiped the mascara from under my eyes at the same time I brushed my teeth. Good thing I could multi-task. By the time I skipped down the stairs, backpack slung over one shoulder, it was seven-twenty.

Beth looked up from her bowl of cereal and removed an earbud from her ear. “You’re skipping breakfast, right? Or else we’ll be late.”

My stomach protested at the very idea, releasing a noisy wave of hunger that almost made me nauseous. “I can’t. You could get a ride with someone else, couldn’t you?”

She stopped chewing. Her eyes, brown instead of blue like mine and Mom’s, widened. “For the love of first period, Jayne! I can’t ask someone to come get me now!”

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Already translated. Translated by Cassiane Fernandes
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Easy to work with, great communication! Excellent translation also.
Already translated. Translated by Cristina García
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Fantastic translator! Great at communicating, speedy, and very accurate!

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