Enticed by Lady Elianna by Amanda Mariel

A woman who has lost everything and the man determined to save her face circumstances beyond their control.

Enticed by lady elianna

A woman who has lost everything…

After her father’s death Lady Elianna was forced into servitude by her cousin and his family. For years she has done as told filling the roll of everything from a lady’s maid to a scullery maid without complaint. That is until Lord Sinclair shows up at the estate causing her to dare to dream once more. 

A man determined to save her…

Lord Sinclair is intrigued by Elianna after a brief meeting in Hyde Park. He is convinced the woman is hiding something and he’s determined to discover her secrets. When the lady Elianna is accompanying extends an invitation to a country house party, he accepts.

Circumstances beyond their control…

Passion flares to life as Elianna works to hide her secrets while Lord Sinclair does everything in his power to uncover them. One fateful night will change everything, dragging her secrets to the forefront and forcing action. Might their love be the key to overcoming her past?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Regency, Saga, Historical Romance, Fairytale, Romance

Word Count: 20,000

Sales info:

Enticed by Lady Elianna first released in a boxset of fairytale inspired novellas that hit several bestseller lists and garnered all 4 and 5 star reviews. That set was a limited time collection that has since ended allowing me to release my book on it's own. Individual sales have been strong as well and I am looking forward to sharing this tale with the world.

Sample text:

“Is it your wish to remain here at Crystal Court?” His eyes narrowed.

She smiled genuinely. “It is my heart’s desire.”

“Very well. Lady Berkly will arrive in a sennight with our children. Until then, you may continue your period of mourning—”

“Forgive my insolence, my lord, but Father has only been gone a fortnight. I cannot abandon my mourning so soon.” She bit her lip, cutting off her argument when his face flamed scarlet.

“You will do as I say or see yourself off to the convent. Is that clear, Elianna?”

The bite to his words caused gooseflesh to form on her arms. “Yes, my lord. Do accept my apology.”

“Let it not happen again.”

She nodded, then met his gaze once more despite her growing nerves.

“Once my family arrives, all signs of mourning including your gowns will be removed. I’ll not have you traipsing about like some sad specter frightening my children.”

“I understand.” 

“As long as you are to stay under my roof, my protection, you will earn your keep by serving my family. Lady Berkly will give you instructions upon her arrival.” He stood but did not take his attention from her. “You are dismissed.”

Her hopes for a kinship with the lady crashed. Elianna ignored the uneasiness sweeping through her. Whatever he had in mind for her could be no worse than a convent. At the least, she would still have the opportunity to someday have a family of her own. Regardless, she could not imagine leaving her home, forsaking her chance at marriage. There remained no other choice for her. She had to accept her cousin as the new earl and follow his dictates—at least for now.

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