Emotional Intelligence: Raise Your EQ... by Edward Benedict

(Mastering Self Awareness & Controlling Your Emotions)

This is not your average intelligence.

Emotional intelligence: raise your eq...

Do you often find yourself struggling to get a handle on your emotions? How many times have you found yourself feeling guilt, regret even over the things that you said and did when you were emotional? Emotions are one of the most powerful, underlying forces within us. Every step we take in life, every move that we make is dictated or ruled at some point by our emotions. When you find it hard to manage your emotions, that’s when things start to become a real challenge.

Keeping your cool or a clear head, to be able to think rationally even in the most challenging and emotional situations is not something everyone can do. But, it is something we all can learn how to do with the proper techniques and strategies at our disposal. How do you learn to master your emotions? Through emotional intelligence.

This is not your average intelligence. It is not about how many books you’ve read in your life, how good you are at memorizing facts and how well you excelled in school. It is an entirely different kind of intelligence, one that is in a league of its own. It is the intelligence that is a force to be reckoned with when used appropriately. It can propel you to great heights, to become a motivational leader that others look up to, and it can help you achieve every goal and dream you’ve ever set for yourself. It can give you the powers of an empath, to feel what others around you feel and to tune into not just your own emotions, but the emotions of others. It is the intelligence that is going to define who you are as a person. It is emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence: Raise Your EQ (Mastering Self-Awareness & Controlling Your Emotions) is a simple, effective, straight to the point guidebook that is going to help you explore:

Emotional intelligence is one the most valuable skill sets that a person could possess, and you’re about to learn how to become a master of this coveted skill. By just simply improving your emotional intelligence, your view of the world and yourself is about to change in a momentous way. Your emotions will no longer remain in the driver seat of your life, as you learn to take control of the wheel and guide your life in the direction it was meant to go all along. The way that you respond to different situations and people is going to transform into a more positive experience. Social skills and the ability to empathize are skills you’re about to develop and hone. Leadership, success and everything you’ve hoped for are now going to be within your grasp. All because you decided to master emotional intelligence.

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As you move forward from here and make the necessary changes needed to improve your EQ, use the strategies, tips, and techniques which you’ve gathered from this book as you see fit. The tools are here to help you, and you should use them in a way that works best for you. No matter what your ultimate goal may be for your emotional intelligence, this guidebook is here to help you every step of the way.

This is going to be a journey that’s going to take time to see the changes manifest itself visibly in your life, so don’t get discouraged or frustrated. You are progressing forward, even if you think you’re not. Take it slow, pace yourself and don’t rush. Take this time to work on strengthening yourself emotionally from within. Practice the strategies in your life every day, and eventually, you will get there. If it helps, focus on mastering one technique at a time before you move onto the next one.

Building and mastering your EQ is something which you will gain over time. It is a skill, a technique and a piece of knowledge which must be carefully honed, crafted and cultivated. Setbacks will happen along the way, but take them as learning curves, a challenge to overcome that is just going to make you better in the end. Most of all, be kind and patient with yourself. You’re starting something incredible just by taking these first few steps towards improving your EQ. Whenever you need some help, you always have this guidebook to turn back to. Every tip and technique in here is meant to help you along with your process, so fully utilize it to your advantage.

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