Elias Zapple's Book of Slugs by Elias Zapple


Elias zapple's book of slugs

Meet my heroic slugs: Steve the Slug, General Fairfax the Slug, Gino the Slug, Akira the Ninja Slug, Selina the Slug and many, many more. They’re my best friends, my loyal servants, my fearless soldiers and my only source of protein. Slugs are useful, skilful, colourful and edible and will cover you in sticky slime if you offend my moustache, Mr Snazzy! 

Full of cool slug facts and utter Zappleness! 

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Humorous Stories

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Insects, Spiders, etc.

Language: English

Keywords: good kids books, books for boys age 6-8, slugs book, target kids books, kids humor, weird nature facts, fun animal books

Word Count: 6,130

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Sample text:

Steve the Slug

Steve the Slug is perhaps the most famous of my slugs. He was my best mate until I accidentally killed him with my lawnmower. Steve was my top slug, closest friend, and the one that I could recite my poetry to during all hours of the night – once he listened to me for 36 hours straight and only fell asleep 28 times. He was an extremely loyal slug, standing side by side with me through thick and thin, and helping me to uncover the coup that Clyde the Slug was planning. He may not have had any special skills or superpowers (except for the normal slug traits of creating slime and being able to break into shopping centres), but he had the most important things – patience, trust, love and loyalty. How I regret choosing to mow the lawn that day, having been up all night consuming vast quantities of my patented Noggin Rocker™.

Slug Fact: Slugs have been around for millions of years.

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Already translated. Translated by Ana Lúcia Ferreira
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Ana's very attentive, thorough and goes the extra mile. Pleasure to work with.

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