Earl of Stone by Amanda Mariel

A Wicked Earls Club Novella

Can they find their way through the web of deceit and heartache to embrace true love?

Earl of stone

When the time came to marry, Stephen Mullins, Earl of Stone, did what any good earl would. He choose a proper lady and proposed. Given her gentle disposition and training, she would make as good a wife as any other debutante. He had but one thing left to do before he took her to wife.

Lady Louisa Breckenridge was always a romantic who believed in true love. When Lord Stone started courting her, it was all too easy to get swept away by his devilishly good looks and charming words. She fell in love only to discover she’d been misled.

When Louisa discovers the truth, she runs. Determined to save their match, Stephen chases after her, only to get himself abducted along with her. As they work together to save their lives, Stephen falls in love with the lady he once considered as good as any other. Too bad she is determined to jilt him.

Can they find their way through the web of deceit and heartache to embrace true love?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Traditional Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: Regency Romance, Victorian romance, Regency Earl, Historical Romance, Historical Romance England, Lords and Ladies

Word Count: 16237

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I am a USA Today bestselling author with strong and steady sales.

Sample text:

She really should not have followed them. She should turn around this instant and return to the ball. Despite knowing what she should do, Lady Louisa Breckenridge could not end her pursuit. Not when it was her betrothed that led another woman from the ballroom. She had to know what he was doing—and why.

Louisa watched the pair turn into another corridor and fought the urge to increase her pace. When she reached the corner, she pressed against the wall and peeked around the corner. The pair were nowhere in sight. Confident they had disappeared through one of the doors lining the hallway, she stepped around the corner then crept down the hall, careful not to make a sound.

By the time she reached the fifth door, she was ready to give up. After all, she really should not be spying on her betrothed. If she wished for a loving union, she had to trust him. And she did trust him—at least she had trusted him before she caught sight of him strolling off with the captivating woman in the scandalous gown with her painted lips and bouncing curls.

Louisa slumped against the wall and sighed. This was madness. Shame squeezed her heart as she closed her eyes, inhaling a calming breath. She did not want to be a jealous fool. Nor did she wish to damage her relationship with Lord Stone. Determined to forget about her lapse in good judgment and return to the ballroom, Louisa straighten then turned back down the corridor.

Before she reached the next set of doors, she heard voices coming from behind her.

“You cannot be serious, Stephen. An innocent miss will never hold your attention.”

“Perhaps you are right,” Lord Stone’s smooth drawl floated into the hallway.

“Of course, I am,” the female voice purred. “Do not cast me aside, love.”

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