Dynasty by Emma Calin

A fast moving, steamy, adult suspense romance novel, with female cop protagonist.


When an inner city cop goes wild...

... she's driven out of town.

Police bosses swap her concrete for the green grass of an English village. Lord of the manor is sexy aristocrat, Spencer. The collision of cultures splinters all conventions setting free the steamy power of uninhibited erotic love.

But paradise is flawed. 

An evil upper class rival.
A dead unknown girl.
A teenager's life chances marred by drugs.
The mysterious death of her new lover's wife.
...these things focus the duty of a cop.

No risk or danger is too great as she fights for the truth and for the survival of her love.

Beware of the sexual heat and jealousy as you follow the clues. Be prepared for some shocks on the way to the triumph of justice.

Buy this book now to know the truth of passionate human love beyond the accidents of birth.

'Dynasty' - another novel in Emma Calin's kick-ass female cop 'Passion Patrol Series', combining thrilling crime mystery with suspense romance.  A series with fast-paced, pulse-pounding roller-coaster adventures full of passionate steamy romance, danger, love and... hot tea... yes really!

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

Language: English

Keywords: romance, love story, steamy romance, police, female detective, thriller, suspense, adventure, female protagonist, royalty, multicultural, cinderella, rags to riches, billionaire, millionaire, wealthy, strong female, british, London

Word Count: 95000

Sales info:

This title is the third book in the Passion Patrol series and has been a #1 category bestseller when it was launched and during promotions over the years. It has reached 109 reviews at an average of 4.6/5 stars. It is currently at 7000 in the free chart in Amazon USA.

Sample text:

Above the sound of pealing bells from St Bartholomew’s church, the rasp of a motorcycle engine caught her ears. PC 388Z, Shannon Aguerri, drew back into the shadows of the tree line that skirted the village green. She reduced the volume of her police radio and walked calmly towards the source of the noise. By now she could hear shouts and laughter. She made her way through a woodland copse, glad she’d worn trousers. At the edge of a clearing she saw them. Three teenage lads were smoking and drinking from cans of beer or cider. A fourth boy was riding an old motor scooter in circles while swerving around trees and brambles. She watched them in the deepening dusk of the late July evening. It was only her second day as a village constable and at last she had some sort of mission. Although Brixton lay only a few to the north it was as if she had changed continents for the second time. The first had been when she had left home to join the police. These boys were no more than sixteen. Two days ago she would merely have driven. So far, these lads represented all she’d seen of organized crime and anarchy in Fleetworth-Green. 
“Yo!” she called out. The boys looked around, still not spotting her. She walked out into the clearing.
“Yo! I said. Can you all see me now?” They all froze and stared at her. “Yeah, it’s the cops. Ain’t any of you gonna run off?” They all glanced at each other, tossing away cans and cigarettes. She caught a whiff of ganja on the still air. So, there was a drug issue in paradise perhaps. 
“Underage drinking, drugs, and I bet one of you nicked that bike,” she said.
“No, no, it’s my bike,” said the lad sitting astride it. Shannon shrugged.
“Ah well, just the drink and drugs then. Two out of three ain’t bad is it?”


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Already translated. Translated by Ana Medina
Author review:
First class work from Ana - she does a brilliant translation with great attention to detail to capture the essence of the original story. She is always fast to respond and keeps great communications. I would thoroughly recommend her work.

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