Duke & Michel: The Mysterious Corridor by Elias Zapple


Duke & michel: the mysterious corridor

Skateboarder Michel is freaking out as his cousin Romain has gone missing. Michel sticks his head through a hole in the garden fence and is sucked into a giant vortex. He ends up in a mysterious corridor, with doors leading to strange worlds. He also meets Duke, a food-obsessed, sarcastic Basset Hound dog, who is searching for his brothers. Together they hunt for their missing relatives, unaware that they are also being hunted by the Master, a villain with a dandruff problem. 

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories

Language: English

Keywords: sci-fi kids, soccer books for boys 9-12, popular kids books, good kids books, funny talking dogs, read kids books, sees candy

Word Count: 37,115

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Michel knew what was down at the end of his garden, a grave for his goldfish, Rocky, which had probably already been dug up and eaten by the neighbour’s cat - Michel had never checked for fear that it was true - a fence and beyond that a driveway.

He had sometimes jumped the fence and skateboarded up and down the driveway as it was quiet and the tarmac was really smooth.

There you have it, at the end of Michel’s garden in this particularly quiet and residential part of Fulham, London was a goldfish grave, a fence and a driveway. There was nothing else. Nothing. Michel knew it.


The Mysterious Corridor


“Mum! Dad!” Michel yelled and screamed as he was thrown and spun around within the pitch-black, tornado-like vortex. His hair shot up and rocked from side to side as the skin on his face began to move like a wave pool.

What was happening? Was this real? Michel blinked his eyes repeatedly, expecting to wake up in his bedroom at any second. Nothing.


Was he in some kind of sick dream like that feeling you have that you’re falling out of bed?

“Mum!” Michel shouted as loud as he could.

Suddenly, the lights were turned way up and he landed with a little bump on something soft in a very, very, very long, bright white corridor.


Michel felt his head and body, checking for broken bones. Of course there weren’t any, it was just a dream that he couldn’t wake from. Probably his cousin wasn’t missing either. But the bump felt so real. What kind of dream was this?

“Get off me, you buffoon!” a voice shouted from beneath Michel.

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