Dude Ranch From Hell - Lily by La Marchesa

Five-and-a-half years in a State Penitentiary or six and a half months as a sex-slave at a bdsm dude ranch.

Dude ranch from hell - lily

Five-and-a-half years in a State Penitentiary or six and a half month as a sex-slave at a bdsm dude ranch. That was the choice facing Delilah Davenport after sentencing. What would you take? What did she take?
Warning: This book contains extreme sexual situations.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Language: English


Word Count: 11850

Sales info:

Raw unadulterated erotica. Very popular with erotica lovers

Sample text:

A tall cowboy in fringed, pants leaned against the wall, his cheek bulging from a chaw.

The Judge announced, "Ms. Davenport, this is Scott Randolph."

He tipped his hat, "Ma'am. Call me Tex." 

He looked ominous, but I thought he was more businesslike. "Tex." 

Judge said, "Mr. Randolph has an alternative to prison."

"An alternative? Yes, I'll take it. Anything's better than prison."

Judge said, "Still, you need to know what you'll be getting into." 

"Tell me."

Mr. Randolph (Tex) piped in, "Some think it's worse than prison,"

"Is it just as long?" 

"No, you are forgiven ten days for every day you serve." 

My mouth dropped open. "6 ½ months. I'll take it. Where is this?" 

You will spend your time at our 10,000 acre private bdsm Dude Ranch in Hell Valley." 

"And…what do I do?" 

The same thing you're going to prison for." 

"BDSM? With whips and chains?" 

"Maybe, it's up to your Master." 

I frowned. "Master? I'd be a sex-slave?" 

"Sometimes, yes." 

I gulped. 66 months of prison verses 28 weeks as a sex-slave--it was no contest. "I'm interested, but it scares me."

"Mr. Randolph. Could you give Ms. Davenport say…a ten day trial?" 

"If it's okay with Ms. Davenport." 

"It is." 

"Good, sign this paperwork." 

I initialed all sheets and signed the last. 

Tex smiled. "Good, I'll be outside while you give Judge a blowjob." 

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