Dude Ranch From Hell - Darla by La Marchesa

When Tex brings the beautiful and vivacious Darla back to the ranch to have sex with both of them Lily doesn't know what to think

Dude ranch from hell - darla

Now a full fledged member of the libidinous Dude Ranch from Hell BDS&M private sex club, Lily begins to fall for the boss, Tex. Then when Tex brings the beautiful and vivacious Darla back to the ranch to have sex with both of them Lily doesn't know what to think.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English


Word Count: 15330

Sales info:

Fairly new 2nd book of Dude Ranch Series. Haven't had time to promote Darla much so it hasn't sold well but Lily, the first book is popular and I'm confident when promoted Darla will sell well. Both books are very erotic as is all of La Marchesa's work.

Sample text:

We stepped over the tub wall and faced each other standing in sixteen inches of warm, almost hot water and bubbles up to our knees. I looped my hand around her tiny waist and drew her close. She, in turn, wrapped her arm around me. The feel of her wonderful bre*sts against mine gave me goose bumps.

"That's it. Now turn toward me and smile so I can take your picture."

We faced Master Tex and smiled. He smiled too, then he snapped the picture. I thought that would be it, but he had other ideas. "Another one." He waved his free hand back and forth. "Closer." I didn’t see how we could get any closer, but I suddenly felt the warmth of Darla’s cheek against mine. "Yes, that’s it." Master Tex snapped a pic. "Now kiss."

When Darla’s soft lips crushed against mine, I swear, I saw stars.

Master Tex snapped a third picture. "Good, keep going."

Darla reached behind my head, ran her long, graceful fingers through my tresses and traced her tongue along the seam between my lips. Parting my lips, I enjoyed the delightfully sensuous sensations of her warm, moist tongue darting into my mouth and washing across my hard enamel. Having delved into my mouth, it swirled against the soft, fleshy inner walls and palate of my mouth causing my pulse to race and tingly currents of pleasure to head straight to my nether regions.

How warm and supple it feels, how luxurious. Darla's tongue felt like wet satin as she explored my mouth. When her tongue twinned with mine, it seemed as if a bolt of lightning had pierced my heart as our tongues danced an erotic dance of desire. The longer we danced together the warmer my core got.


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