Dream Lover by Dee Dawning

Every night, Wilson dreams about his dream lover in a serial dream. Every night, CJ, dreams about a dream date with her dream lover, Mitch.

Dream lover

Charli has enough to worry about when she finds herself assigned to tough new project without having to worry about meeting her soul mate, but now she finds herself side by side with the impossibly beautiful man who's literally been haunting her dreams.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English

Keywords: Paranormal Romance, Humor, New adult, mild sex, New York City, sexy dreams, sexy

Word Count: 15000

Sales info:

Carnal Dreams is a cute paranormal, erotic romance story. Sales have been spotty, but reviews have been good. Truthfully Carnal Dreams hasn't been pushed much.

Sample text:

Now, finish telling about this recurring dream."

"Sure. Like I said, the place is packed when this dazzling creature walks in and gets in line.

Mesmerized, I couldn't take my eyes from her. That's why I noticed the couple times she snuck a glance; her lips seemed to resist the formation of a smile."

 "You paint a hell of a picture, Mitch. Get to the point. Did you meet her and more importantly, did you fuck her?"

He shook his head. "Not yet. Each dream has us getting more romantically involved and in the last dream we were looking for a place to make love."

Ev chuckled. "Well, that's your problem. You've been working so hard lately, you haven't got laid. You just need some good old T&A and I have just the lady for you. Her name is Trixie. She's blond and cute. For only two-fifty she'd suck your pipes clean and fuck your brains out. One hour with this little whore and you'd be a new man." He reached in his wallet, pulled out a card and handed it to him. "I don't need this card anymore." He chuckled. "Her number is embedded into my mind."

He studied the card.

Sensuous Sessions, Escort Service,

Trixie Best, contractor

* * * *

Char set her coffee cup down. "I tell you Linda, No living man is as handsome as this guy. It's like he's a god or an angel."

Linda moved her pursed lips to the left and raised her gaze skyward. Shaking her head slightly, she asked what she already knew. "Your dream lover?"

"Ah-huh. We were almost lovers last night except the damned alarm woke me."

"All you've ever told me about him is he has long, wavy, dark hair. Describe him for me?"

A dreamy smile formed on her face. "Oh Linda, How do you describe the perfect man."

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Already translated. Translated by Giorgia A.
Author review:
She did everything that was promised and then some.
Already translated. Translated by Lisandra Coelho Viviano

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