Dragon's Mate by Deborah Cooke

Her kiss will shatter realms…

An enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance between a dragon shifter and the swan maiden assassin sent to kill him.

Dragon's mate

Dragon shifter and artisan blacksmith Hadrian is determined to strengthen his fellow Pyr warriors in the battle against the Fae by forging them talons of steel. He won’t be seduced by the sensual promise of a firestorm that has to be a spell—even to help a beautiful warrior escape the clutches of the Fae Queen.

Rania is a swan-maiden and Fae assassin, who has made a deal with the Dark Queen’s will to break the curse over her brothers. All she needs to do is kill Hadrian, but this dragon shifter won’t die easily. It’s more than dragon vitality that helps him survive her lethal kiss, but Rania refuses surrender to his potent touch for any price when so much hangs in the balance.

But the Dark Queen’s betrayal compels Rania to ally with the vital dragon shifter in a last-chance effort to save her brothers and herself. Can Hadrian unfurl the painful secrets of Rania’s past to give them a future? Can Rania help Hadrian to realize the power of his own legacy to defeat the Fae? When barriers between realms are destroyed, can love conquer the obstacles between these destined mates—and create a new world for their unborn son?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy

Language: English

Keywords: dragon shifter romance, enemies to lovers, love unexpected, reluctant allies, scars, orphan, swan maiden, assassin

Word Count: 104,600

Sample text:

Hadrian MacEwan should be dead.

No one had ever survived the kiss of death before, at least not for long. It was relentless, a ticking clock, an inevitable killer. What had changed? Rania had followed the formula, precisely as she had done twelve times before.

But this time, it hadn’t worked.

Was that the fault of the selkie healer? A good healer could counter many charms and undermine many toxins. She’d just never seen one succeed against the kiss of death.

Did dragon shifters have particular powers Rania didn’t know about? She’d never hunted the Pyr before. Perhaps they had some additional resilience that she didn’t know about. But then, why would Maeve have demanded that Rania choose one of the Pyr as her thirteenth and final victim? The Dark Queen understood the kiss of death better than anyone: it had been her gift to Rania, a tool to use in service of her will.

Had Rania herself made a mistake? That was the worst possibility. She didn’t make errors and it was a bad time to start. She didn’t want to betray Maeve’s trust, or let her brothers down.

The unwelcome truth was that she felt different since meeting Hadrian. She’d been surprised that her chosen victim was so handsome, then startled by the flash of light he’d called a firestorm. Had she been sufficiently shaken to mess up? It was hard to believe. Maeve relied upon Rania’s ruthless efficiency. The kiss of death required preparation and concentration, but it was almost second nature to her by this point in time.

Rania had reviewed the brief meeting with Hadrian a thousand times, seeking the solution to the riddle.

It was worrying that she’d even been tempted to give him a real kiss, never mind more. Even if she hadn’t known he was Pyr, she would have sensed that there was more to this man than met the eye.

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