Dragonfriend by Marc Secchia

Epic dragon fantasy


Stabbed. Burned by a dragon. Abandoned for the windrocs to pick over. The traitor Ra’aba tried to silence Hualiama forever. But he reckoned without the strength of a dragonet’s paw, and the courage of a girl who refused to die.

Only an extraordinary friendship will save Hualiama’s beloved kingdom of Fra’anior and restore the King to the Onyx Throne. Flicker, the valiant dragonet. Hualiama, a foundling, adopted into the royal family. The power of a friendship which paid the ultimate price.

This is the tale of Hualiama Dragonfriend, and a love which became legend.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Language: English

Keywords: Dragon, coming of age, fantasy, epic, bestseller

Word Count: 133490

Sales info:

Dragonfriend is a Top 20 bestseller in its genre category on Amazon with 25,000 sales in the series. It won gold in the 2016 IPPY book awards. I'm especially looking for a German translator but all other languages welcome.

Sample text:

Twisting free FROM her manacles, Lia surged to her feet. She rapidly gathered a six-foot length of chain between her hands.

At her sudden movement, startled oaths burst from two young soldiers assigned to their cabin. Clad in the midnight-blue of Fra’anior’s Royal Guard, the soldiers watched over Lia and Fyria, her royal sister, as a Dragonship bore them into exile–likely, to a place of execution.

“What’re you doing?” squeaked Fyria.

“Escaping,” said Lia.

Eyes bulging, the soldiers whipped out their swords. One snarled, “Not by the fires of this caldera, you aren’t!”

“Here,” said the other, crooking his finger in a crude gesture. “Little girl want to play–urk!”

Lia lashed out with the chain as he spoke. The metal links snaked around the man’s neck. She sprang sideways, up against the Dragonship’s cabin wall. Using her captive as a counterbalance, Lia stepped briefly along the lightweight wall to avoid the first soldier’s lunge, before dropping nimbly behind him. A swift kick of her slipper-clad foot propelled the man into the corner where her Royal Highness the Princess Fyria’aliola of Fra’anior–Fyria, for short–lay in chains.

Planting both of her feet, Lia used her full weight to spin the chained soldier about. His forehead struck a metal stanchion with a meaty smack. The soldier slumped. Unholy windrocs, that crazy manoeuvre had worked? No time to exult.

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Adriano Russo
Author review:
Really awesome work on this volume. Would definitely work with him again.
Already translated. Translated by Mary Gomez and Alberto Caballero
Author review:
Really excellent all round. Highly recommended.

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