Dog Training: A Complete Guide to Dog Training by Claudia Pearce

(15) A Complete Guide to Dog Training

Dog training: a complete guide to dog training


The joy of owning a new puppy can instantly turn sour when you have to throw out yet another chewed-up sneaker, or clean up yet another puddle inconspicuously left on the carpet. In fact, an unruly puppy can drive any dog owner crazy.In contrast, there are many rewards to owning a well-behaved puppy including a consistently clean home, and fuss-free walks. Training your new puppy to be a responsible family member will make your life and your puppy’s life easier. 

There are many simple tricks that every dog needs to know and this book highlights simple techniques to teach your dog to train your dog to stop biting, stop barking and teach him to sit, lie down and to come when called.

However, having a puppy is a big responsibility that takes commitment. You're going to be responsible for the health and well-being of this vulnerable, cute little puppy. That's where proper puppy training comes in.

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Often dogs will bark when they are left alone. This behavior is called “separation anxiety.” Dogs are pack animals and, for this reason, do not do well when they are left alone for hours on end. If left, they will call for attention or start exhibiting negative behaviors to get attention as any attention, even bad, is better than no attention.

This attention-seeking activity can be solved by enrolling your dog in doggy daycare, providing plenty of toys at home for your dog or maybe even leaving a TV or radio on for your dog while you are away.

If your dog barks when they are left in a different room when you go to bed, it is important that they stay in whatever room you put them in. Letting them into your room, giving them a treat, or playing with them is enforcing bad behavior. Tell them to be quiet and be firm. Allowing them to have a blanket and a toy in their kennel will give them something else to focus on. Although the learning period can be difficult, remember, if you stick with it, your dog will calmly go to bed when told and remain quiet throughout the night.

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