Dog Days of Love by Rachelle Ayala

The Hart Family

Nessa has a doctorate and Dale is a dropout. Can a woman looking for Mr. Perfect settle for a happy-go-lucky Mr. Wrong?

Dog days of love

Can a woman looking for Mr. Perfect settle for a happy-go-lucky Mr. Wrong?

Vanessa Ransom has high standards and she's on the hunt for the perfect man. With limited time for a social life, she hires college dropout Dale Hart to walk her dogs and clean her house. Just for kicks, she decides to motivate him to succeed, only to find herself falling in love with him.

Can Dale show Vanessa that love doesn't come with a perfect report card, or will Vanessa refuse to settle for Dale until he gets his act together?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Clean & Wholesome

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Multicultural & Interracial

Language: English

Keywords: opposites attract, clean and wholesome, animals and pets, family and relationships, multicultural and interracial romance, coming of age

Word Count: 89400

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The Hart Family series has been selling steadily over the years.

Sample text:

Vanessa Ransom couldn’t afford to sweat.

Not while stumbling after her two dogs through Golden Gate Park wearing a stiff business suit and a pair of power pumps.

The hot summer sun blazed overhead, and waves of heat simmered over the sweltering city streets—an unusually hot day for the city by the bay, better known as San Francisco.

Her two darling mutts, Randi and Ronni, circled around as far as their leashes would allow, looking for that perfect place to potty. They sniffed every bush and fence post, tails wagging and tongues lolling, but they wouldn’t settle down and do their business.

Vanessa, or Nessa as she was known to her friends, checked the time on her phone. She had a job interview clear across the city and she was running late.

Randi, the bristly black and white rat terrier sheltie mix, pulled on her leash, lunging at a little boy bouncing a ball. She was the alpha dog, full of energy and stuck her nose into everything. Meanwhile, Ronni, the shepherd terrier mix with soft brown hair, lay down on the grass and put her head down. While Ronni took life easy, she was also affectionate and loved to cuddle.

“Come on, you two. Any bush will do.”

If only her dogs would hurry up. Being late to a job interview was not an option since her summer internship was ending soon and she didn’t have a job lined up.

“Woof, woof,” Randi barked at a floating Frisbee as if it were an affront to her that she wasn’t invited to play.

Snap. While Randi complained, Ronni leaped and snagged the Frisbee.

A man jogged up with his hand outstretched.

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