Divine Healing: Does God Perform Miracles Today? by R. A. Torrey

This book is entirely the result of a careful and thorough study of God’s Word on this subject carried on for at least thirty—seven years.

Divine healing: does god perform miracles today?

I know of no book on the topic of Divine Healing that goes thoroughly into the subject and gives all sides of the truth in their scriptural proportions. Some see only those passages that emphasize God’s ability and readiness to heal our diseases and what He has done to make such healing possible today; others are entirely occupied with those passages that make it clear that God sometimes does not heal or that God has different ways of working in different dispensations. A book is greatly needed that considers with utter impartiality all that God has to say on this subject and that has but one aim, to discover exactly what God teaches on this very important subject, and all He teaches.

We have not gone into a consideration of such weird, fantastic and—to a careful Bible scholar—ludicrously impossible and really blasphemous interpretations as that the bread in the Lord’s Supper is for the healing of the body, and the wine for the healing of the soul. Time would fail us to chase to their lair and decapitate all the monstrous vagaries that have haunted the overwrought imaginations of persons who have become so occupied with the thought of Divine Healing that they fancied they saw it everywhere.

There is an especial need of a dependable book on Divine Healing at this particular time. Everywhere there is a most extraordinary interest in the subject. People are flocking by the thousands and tens of thousands in different cities to adventurers and adventuresses who oftentimes not only rob them of their gold but of that which is far more precious than gold. And not a few evangelists who have lost out in legitimate soul-winning work are putting to the front the matter of the healing of the body, and are certainly drawing much larger crowds and receiving far larger pay than they ever did before. There have been, to my personal knowledge, some very sad tragedies, insanity, death and shipwreck of faith arising from this pitiable business. Unfortunate women who have been lured, misled and robbed by plausible male adventurers of this sort, have poured their bitter cry into my ears; and I have seen impressionable men lured by women who have a personality that is attractive to a certain class of men, into folly and uselessness.

Let us see just what God’s Word says. This book is entirely the result of a careful and thorough study of God’s Word on this subject carried on for at least thirty—seven years. The clear teaching of Gods’ Word has been corroborated by thirty—five years or more of experience in my own body, and observation of the bodies of others. I know God performs miracles of healing today.

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