Diary of an Almost Cool Girl - Book 3 - Meet The Cousins by Bill Campbell

A funny diary book for girls aged 9 -12. The third book in the Diary of an Almost Cool Girl Series.

Diary of an almost cool girl - book 3 - meet the cousins

Maddi's adventures continue with this exciting new Almost Cool Girl Book. New characters, new friends, new relatives and lots more laughs. 
Maddi and her family travel to Australia for a family holiday with her cousins. Read about Maddi's embarrassing moments on the plane trip, her escape from a vicious crocodile, her tragic fashion disaster and why you shouldn't eat too many prunes! Our Almost Cool Girl overcomes all obstacles to triumph once again. 

If you enjoyed Diary of an Almost Cool Girl - My New School (Books 1 and 2) you'll love reading about Maddi's new adventures. It is a perfect book for girls aged 9-12, funny and entertaining. 

About the Author

Bill Campbell loves to tell a story and he loves to joke with kids. His friends call him Billy and he has two really "almost cool" kids and a very cool wife. All of Bill's stories come from real life events. Yes, that's right...all of Madonna's experiences have happened in real life. 

Bill is an "almost cool teacher" in Australia and he has been teaching tweens for many years. He hopes you get a laugh out of his  'Diary of an Almost Cool Girl' and 'Almost Cool Boy' books.

They are the perfect books for girls 9 -12 and boys love them too. One of the most humorous and funny books for kids on Amazon.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Comics & Graphic Novels / General

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Humorous Stories

Language: English

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Word Count: 12 615

Sales info:

Third book in the Diary of an Almost Cool Girl series, the first book sold over 20 000 copies in the first year. This book was released a couple of days before Christmas 2014.

USA 37 000 sales rank

UK  5755 sales rank

We expect this book to be a very good seller.

Sample text:

I’m a little sad the year is over, I’ve had such a great year. I moved to Harper Valley School, made some great friends like Gretel and the dreamy Richard Jones or as I call him Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. My Mom and Dad got back together after a brief separation and I learnt to play soccer.

As silence descends the house, a beaming Mr. Boom Boom calls us altogether. “I’ve got some exciting news,” he starts. When my Dad is enthusiastic, his voice gets even louder! “We’re going on a holiday to Australia to meet your Uncle Jim, Aunty Jill and your two cousins.”

AUSTRALIA – wow, for once Dad is on a winner, Australia sounds so exciting! But Uncle Jim and Aunty Jill are just a mystery to me. Aunty Jill is Dad’s sister, I’ve only met her once before when she visited us for a week. I was only young, but from memory she was a female version of Dad…booming voice and tall and imposing like Dad. I’ve never met Uncle Jim or their two children, my cousins. This certainly sounds like an interesting trip. 

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Already translated. Translated by Isabelle de ROSE
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It is an absolute pleasure to work with Isabelle de Rose. She has translated a couple of our books and working on others. Very thorough and enthusiastic and happy to cooperatively work with authors.
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Anja is an absolutely outstanding translator. Everything is easy, she understands ebook formatting. Highly recommended!
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Katia Pellegrinetti was very cooperative and easy to work with. She is efficient and diligent, working hard on our book to achieve the very best translation.
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Ana Ferreira did an excellent translation of our book, very happy.
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Great to work with Anarzazu. Thank you.

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