Destiny And Faith Go To Twincentric Academy by Teddy Rose O'Malley

Destiny and Faith accidentally start a trend at their new school.

Destiny and faith go to twincentric academy

Destiny and Faith enter second grade in a school for twins. They make enemies and friends and have to step in when friends fall out. This is the least of their troubles however. When the principal has a plan to force all twins to dress alike, Destiny and Faith take a stand. There is going to be trouble - on the double. 

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Friendship

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Humorous Stories

Language: English

Keywords: school, twins, biracial, twin book, identical twins, twin girls, school adventure, new school

Word Count: 3500

Sales info:

The eBook has had semi-steady sales since its release in May of 2014.

Sample text:

 “Destiny! Faith! I have something important to tell you girls!” my mother called from downstairs.

“What do you think she wants?” I asked.

Faith shrugged. “I just hope it's not something I did. Race?”

“Yeah!” I agreed. Faith and I raced down the stairs. She won only because she cheated.

“Girls, please sit.” Mom pointed to the chairs. Our four-year-old sister Olive sat near her, crashing her toy airplane into a muffin.

“Your father and I have made an important decision. We wanted to let you girls know about it and see what your thoughts and opinions are.”

Faith and I turned and gave each other an “uh-oh” look. When Mom wanted our thoughts and opinions it usually meant something not so good, like her deciding to send us to our old Aunt Hazel's house.

The only thing Aunt Hazel let us eat was chocolate chip pancakes. I love chocolate, but that was a little too much pancake for me!




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