Depression by Owen Jones

When you feel that all is lost...

Depression... that soul-destroying feeling that there is nothing left.


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Owen Jones

Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / General

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Do you never feel as if things are going well for you? Do you never want to be with others? Can you never see the funny side of life? If you have been suffering from a sense of sadness for quite some time now, you should face up these bouts of depression and have yourself examined by a doctor.

Depression, or periods of prolonged sadness, is actually quite common in the United States. Something like 9.5% of the American population suffers from this illness, although not all of these cases are treated, so, depression and its side-effects continue to be a burden to many individuals. It seems to many that depression is quite simple to treat, but in reality, it takes more than a little cheering up to actually cure depression.

Depression can easily affect a person’s normal daily activities and the way that he or she functions. One can soon feel like a wet blanket, and start to avoid contact with others. A lack of confidence and a world-weariness often come to replace an individual’s normal happy personality. Not only that though, a person suffering from depression is never the only one who suffers from this destructive illness, his or her friends, family and colleagues will probably also be affected.

When people who are close to a depressed person notice the change in personality – often they just don’t care about themselves any more and everything seems to be too much trouble – it can affect them adversely too.

Fortunately, depression can be cured, but, as with all illnesses, the earlier it is diagnosed the better. Depressed individuals can be treated through therapy and medication. Sometimes, it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist, although your first point of contact should be your general practitioner who will refer you if necessary.


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