Demonstrative Speech Topics by Lillie Fishel

How to Find the Best Demonstrative Speech Topics

Demonstrative speech topics

You don’t have to panic when you hear that your assignment is to give a Demonstration Speech, because after reading this short article you will realize that this type of speech is not that hard. You can also check article about Best Demonstration Speech Ideas and find even more useful advice.

First of all you need to understand that demonstration speech has the main goal to teach your audience how to do something, using visual aids of course. This kind of assignment requires a good knowledge of what you are doing, so when you are picking a topic consider next points:

Once you have picked your thing, make sure you are considering the space given or that you will have enough tools and materials, or that you can provide everybody with hand outs and everything needed for the practice.

For example, if you want to teach your audience some karate moves, make sure there is nothing in your way and that nobody will get hurt. Maybe you would like to teach everyone how to make an origami frog, so you will need to provide your “students” with some paper and instructions. If you enjoy cooking and want to share your grandma’s secret recipe of your favourite pudding, make sure there will be enough ingredients and that everybody can at least get a taste of it.  As you can see, thinking about everything beforehand can get you out of a lot of troubles, which can be the key reason to ruin your speech and your grade for the assignment.

Next important thing is relevancy. If you have a freedom of choice for your demonstrative speech topics, then you can go ahead and choose whatever you like, however still it has to be academic and relevant to education.  Don’t forget that your teachers are going to be present there as well and they don’t really want to hear a presentation on how to get level up in your favourite video game. Just think about some speech idea that will be beneficial for your audience and for your teacher as well, so that this experience of you sharing the knowledge with others can bring not only a good grade but also a contribution to your friends’ education.

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