Death Of A Bride (Greek Island Mystery 3) : A stand-alone thriller by Luke Christodoulou

Of all the plans a bride makes in anticipation for her wedding day, dying is definitely not one of them.

Death of a bride (greek island mystery 3) : a stand-alone thriller

Of all the plans a bride makes in anticipation for her wedding day, dying is definitely not one of them.
The Zampetaki mansion, on the remote island of Gadvos, welcomes dozens of guests for the grand wedding of Cassandra Zampetaki and Homer Cara. It's a wedding that will never take place. The bride's lifeless body is found, brutally murdered, on the morning of the wedding. Planned to look like an open-and-shut case, the mastermind behind it all did not figure on Hellenic Police Captain Costa Papacosta and Lieutenant Ioli Cara to be among the guests. 
A storm rages outside and no one is able to leave the island. In a battle against time, the dynamic investigating duo must solve this intense case before the guilty party can depart from the island.
Everyone is a suspect and no one is safe.
Join in on the thrilling mystery and try to solve the crime. The clues are all there...

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Police Procedural

Language: English


Word Count: 65000

Sales info:

Death of a Bride was released in April 2016. In six months it has sold 3000 ebooks. Its success is due to being the third in my Greek Island Mysteries book series that has nearly sold over 20000 books (18700 Ebooks and 1300 paperbacks). It was No.1 on Amazon in its mystery categories and No.1 for books set in Greece. On Goodreads it has already been nominated for Book Of The Month in two groups. A fourth book will foloow in 2017 helping it continuing selling. At the moments it sells around 5 books daily.

Sample text:

Cassandra Zampetaki crept out of her family’s mansion and dashed through the pouring rain, past the thrashing swimming pool and into the safety of the stone brick pool house. She quickly closed the glass door behind her, gasping to catch her breath. Blustery winds roamed the hilltop and fat drops of water crashed down mightily from the night sky. Nothing outside could compare with the storm inside Cassandra. Tomorrow she would walk down the aisle and become Mrs Cassandra Cara-Zampetaki. Her mother had insisted she keep her last name.

‘It’s a name with history behind it. What is a ‘Cara’? A barbarian name...’

‘Mother!’ Cassandra would interrupt her and shoot a disapproving stare towards her.

Cassandra pulled the thick, vermilion curtains closed and turned on the lights. The expensive handcrafted chandelier came to life and pushed shadows back into corners. Cassandra ran her hands through her long, copper hair. She squeezed out as much water as she could and let it fall to the cold floor. She tied her hair up in a bun and stripped down to her underwear. Her fingers played with her gold engagement ring. It had been in Homer’s family for five generations and she felt proud to have it gracing her hand.

With her heartbeat thrumming, she opened the doors of the heavy, wooden wardrobe and with a slight smile, she gazed at her wedding dress. She did not know why she felt compelled, but she had to try it on, just one more time before the big day. She struggled to wear it on her own and soon the silk, white Valentino dress settled on her curvy figure. She tiptoed to the wall mirror and twirled in delight.

As she spun, her eye caught a glimpse of a shadowed figure sitting behind her in the corner of the room. Her hand instinctively covered her faint scream as she tripped and fell to the tiled floor. The shadowy figure rolled her wheelchair into the light.

Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Noele Bouazouni and C. Dussault
Author review:
Excellent translation by professionals!
Already translated. Translated by Konstantinos Mouratis
Already translated. Translated by Simona Trapani
Translation in progress. Translated by Jose Henrique Lamensdorf
Already translated. Translated by Jesus M. Gonzalez
Author review:
As always...perfect!

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