Dangerous Love: Writing a Romantic Suspense by Rachelle Ayala

How to write thrilling romantic suspense novels. Includes a guide to eight popular plot types, how to pants and write a series, and more!

Dangerous love: writing a romantic suspense

Are you interested in writing a thrilling romantic suspense, but not sure how to start?

Do you love reading romantic suspense novels and wonder how they’re put together?

Romantic suspense is one of the most popular subgenres of romance and attracts both men and women readers.

However, it isn’t easy to juggle a strong and compelling romantic relationship with the intrigue and suspense of a well-crafted thriller.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  1. The Protector
  2. The Investigation
  3. The Pursuit
  4. The Mission
  5. The Secret
  6. The Underworld
  7. The Hunted
  8. The Disturbed

I’m been writing for over ten years and have currently written and published more than sixty romances and romantic suspense novels. I learned everything I could about story structure, writing romances, and reading mystery and suspense thrillers, however it was hard to find books or courses on writing romantic suspense.

Therefore, after reading hundreds of romances, mysteries, thrillers, and romantic suspense novels, and studying story structure and characterization, as well as on-the-job writing and critiquing, I put together this book to help you write thrilling and successful romantic suspense novels.

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This is the only book I know of that gives advice on writing romantic suspense. I've had great sales of the English version even though I priced it high. I've gotten feedback from romantic suspense writers saying they wish they had this reference guidebook when they started writing.

Sample text:

Originally, romantic suspense was viewed as a story that is fifty percent romance and fifty percent suspense. This was the definition back in the traditional publishing days and a guideline that writers adhered to when submitting.

The exact percentage of romance versus suspense can vary, but the conventional wisdom is that it has to be fairly evenly balanced so that readers know what to expect. I’m not going to argue the exact percentages, if it even matters, but what’s important is that the story is at its basic bones, a romance, which includes the all-important happy ending at least on the romantic side.

Beyond these formal definitions, it’s the readers who decide, and today’s readers are open to a greater range of variations. However, for a label to mean anything, it does have to reach a consensus on definition.

I went on an expedition to poll readers and ask them why they read romantic suspense over other forms of fiction, for example mysteries, thrillers, and adventures.

Why do readers read romantic suspense? What are they looking for?

Most answered that they read for both the romance and the suspense, with a slight edge on those who feel the romance is more important. They love that the dangerous situation heightens the potential passion between the hero and heroine and makes the plot less boring than a straight romance where everything is about the relationship and personal problems.

In other words, an equal balance between the thrills and suspense of the plot with the explosive chemistry of attraction amidst heart-pounding danger.

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