Dancing with the Devil: The Battle for the Soul of God's Children and the Life of a Christian Nation by Kathleen Dryden

Dancing with the Devil is about the evil strategies Satan uses to capture the soul of a Christian and how his destructiveness infiltrates the government of a Christian nation.

Dancing with the devil: the battle for the soul of god's children and the life of a christian nation

Dancing with the Devil is about the evil strategies Satan uses to capture the soul of a Christian and how his destructiveness infiltrates the government of a Christian nation. When we let this enemy inside the temple of the Lord, (our heart and mind) and into our government entities we will begin to live a life of deep sorrow and regret. However, regardless of his strategies, he cannot enter those places where he doesn't belong unless we give him access through the choices we make that reject Christ's statutes.

To dance with the devil is to ignore scriptural wisdom, willingly trading biblical truth for personal lust and power while still claiming to be a Christian, attending church, and influencing others, especially tender hearts and innocent minds. It is to flirt with an evil attitude, and/or participate in evil behavior. Through my own personal experiences, as well as those shared by close friends and family, I have come to realize how the sinful choices each of us makes contributes to our own demise and to the brokenness in our families, which leads to a spiritually and physically broken nation. Every Christian must choose to help reduce evil, bring justice to the innocent, and help turn people to Christ by using wisdom and understanding to make good choices.

Dancing with the Devil teaches Christians why it is important to let the Lord open the eyes of our hearts so we can understand how living in disobedience to His Word jeopardizes our soul and creates a world of evil - evil that begins with the smallest intent of the heart and mind, ends with the most wicked action, and sets up our people and our nation for failure. While we will never eradicate all the evil in the world, we must believe that it exists and accurately define it. Then we can judge and punish it, taking warlike action against it when necessary, minimizing its effect on humanity.

Genre: FICTION / Religious

Language: English


Word Count: 144000

Sample text:

The Lord’s description of the time of the Antichrist’s rule, which He documented in the book of Matthew, is so alarming it should capture the heart of every person that reads it. However, in spite of those warnings and many others throughout the Bible, few Christians appear to take seriously the possibility that this horror could happen in our lifetime or in the lifetime of our children or grandchildren. In huge numbers Christians and non-Christians alike are violating God’s commands, betraying Christ, and hating their brother—ignoring God’s great mercy as though there is no accountability to His grace, the death of His Son. The battle armor God provided for those that believe in Jesus has been removed and cast aside for the pleasure of the light-weightiness of carefree irresponsibility. 

Why is it so easy to ignore or reject this crucial protection, which God made available to us in His Word? Research shows that many Christians don’t have a solid understanding of evil, which comes from the strategies of a dark spirit that wants to kill, steal, and destroy souls. To understand evil it’s important to compare what the Bible says about it—where it comes from and how it affects lives—to the wicked actions and behavior clearly visible in both the Christian and non-Christian society today. Though many Christians believe it’s important to know God’s Word, few make studying the Scriptures a priority and too many think that their view about the Word is the correct and only view. Or, they say, “That part doesn’t apply to me.” Also, few take seriously the fact that an irate enemy of Jesus (radical Islam) is infiltrating western civilization—especially Christian nations—in an attempt to destroy all evidence of Him.

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