Dagger 3 - God of Emptiness by Walt Popester

The truth of why they follow him in this madness is not as it appears.

Dagger 3 - god of emptiness

The friends at his side are not as they seem.
The only thing he can count on is Solitude, the sword that does not like to be separated from him. With it on his side, Dagger fears nothing, not even the shadows which spy on him from above. They watch him, hoping he will march to the end of the road, where he is expected.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Horror

Language: English

Keywords: fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, fiction, free books

Word Count: 94289

Sample text:

A woman was marching across the desert.

At nightfall, the west wind became a tangible, disturbing presence placed between her and salvation. It tore at the nauseating darkness populated by the shadows of the past—faceless figures emerging from the depths of consciousness to harass her with every breath she took, every step she made. She was certain that they would prevail, but then she looked up and saw a light, not far away, hidden until that moment by gusts of sand. A thought materialized in her mind: Knowing you’re going to lose is not a sufficient reason to stop fighting. The fifth commandment. She repeated the words several times in a mechanical humming and clung to them. To fight, no matter what. To never bend one’s head against the blind anger of fate and to walk forward wherever the road might lead. It was that which made a Guardian of a simple mortal being. And I am. I still am!

Then, the treacherous wind flung her back against the harsh reality, making her fall.

“Don’t give up now. We’re almost there!” the man cried through the fury of the elements.

“Leave us here, Hermit!”

“Only when you’ll be safe. For Ktisis, Aniah! Get up!”

The woman hugged the bundle to her breast, and sinking one foot in the sand, she stood up. Only then, in a brief respite granted by the currents, did she see it. Standing before them was the white dome of the Sanctuary, vast and immense. It’s so beautiful, she thought.

“We’re almost there!” The Hermit tried to protect her with his mantle.

The light appeared. The light disappeared. They marched.

The titanic faces of the gods portrayed in the granite peered from the past all along the old access road to the Sanctuary. They were watching them.



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