Cyril the Dragon by Elias Zapple


Cyril the dragon

Jellybean the Dragon has been dragonnapped (like kidnapped but for dragons) by the dragon-hating knights from Camelot and it’s up to 10 year-old astronaut Emma, and Cyril the Dragon, Jellybean’s dim-witted twin brother, to rescue him. Rescuing Jellybean proves tough and she’ll need all her courage and smarts as she, Cyril and Merlin battle the evil Lancelot and Merlin’s bratty protégé, Berlin. 

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Legends, Myths, Fables / Arthurian

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / School & Education

Language: English

Keywords: king arthur and his knights of the round table, the legend of king arthur, guinevere and lancelot, sword of lancelot, merlin secrets and magic, new words, books for girls age 8-10

Word Count: 15,090

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Emma yawned as wide as a hippo yawns and stretched her arms and legs, as the sun beamed in through her bedroom window catching her peachy face. Her eyelids batted open, and she looked around her bedroom. Her bedroom.

“My bedroom! I’m home!” Emma shouted.

She kicked the covers off, jumped up and out from her four-poster bed, and rushed over to a large window overlooking her lawn. She was home, in her castle back on Earth.

How could this be?

All the trees were there, as was the drawbridge, the moat – and, best of all, not a dragon in sight! She rubbed her eyes again and again until they became red, and yet it was all still there - minus the dragons.


She skipped and leaped over to her bathroom like a ballerina, turned the tap, and splashed cold water onto her face multiple times; until her face and blonde hair were drenched, and she was dripping. She looked in the mirror, her mirror, her bathroom with the golden taps, the huge Jacuzzi … Unbelievable! She was still there.


Ten year-old Emma pulled open her bedroom door and ran down the spiral staircase of her castle, with its huge ceilings and red-tiled floor. She pulled on a rope and the drawbridge lowered. She crossed the drawbridge in a flash, and went outside to meet a bright sunny day, a clear blue sky and still no dragons. Wonderful!

“I’m so happy!”

Emma’s smile could not get any bigger as she went over to the mango tree, the one that she was sure had been burnt down by Jellybean the Dragon, and picked a few mangoes. Then she went over to a candyfloss tree and plucked some candyfloss which she tucked into straight away. The pink fluffy candyfloss was super sweet.


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