Cunnylicking 101 - Mary Jane by V.A. Gyna

This is Jimmy Love's second adventure of pleasing womanhood, where Mary Jane, Jimmy's long time girlfriend is the recipient of Jimmy's 'magic tongue' and more.

Cunnylicking 101 - mary jane

"You know one of the things I miss about not going with you anymore is talking.  Jimmy we haven't really talked in ages."
I scooped some beans on my fork. "I know. What would you like to talk about?"
She took a sip of wine. "I don't know. Anything. How about you tell me about how your year at Stanford went."
I took a sip of wine too. "You know how it is at college. Eat, sleep, study and attend class."
Mary Jane's eyes narrowed. "No partying? Didn't you ever let off steam?"
"A little maybe, but mostly I stayed the course."
Mary Jane's lips formed a knowing smile. "That's not what I heard."
I took a deep breath. "No? What did you hear?"
"I can't say."
"No? Well that's a conversation ender."
She stood and threw her napkin on the table. "I'm not hungry anymore. If you must know, I'll tell you in the whirlpool." She stormed out of there. I heard the French door open and close and then nothing.
I rose. I don't know what this is all about, but, I'm damned sure going to find out. I followed her trail through the kitchen and out to the back yard. She was already in the whirlpool. I stomped up to the spa. "Well are you going to tell me?"
"Yes, after you're beside me in here."
I grasped the robe. "In this?"
"Of course not. Take it off."
My jaw dropped. "I'll be naked!"
"I'll bet you weren't worried about being naked around that Livingstone snob."
My stomach jumped into my throat. "What do know about her? And Lydia's no snob."
She scrunched her nose. "I know all about Lyd-i-a and you're right, she's not a snob. She's a slut! I'd sure like some company in here. Climb in here and put your arm around me and I'll tell you everything I know about Lyd-i-a and you."
"But I'll be naked."
"So what?"
I scrambled up on the whirlpool seat and held my arms out the side for Jimmy to see. "Look, I'm naked."
While his bulging eyes took in my naked form, the robe he wore tented. Languorously, I turned displaying sides and rear views of my curvy shape. "You've been wanting to see me naked for two years and here I am. Now will you get in the spa with me?
 I smiled as shed my robe and gasped as I saw his soaring sword. God that's big!
His cock mesmerized me, bouncing up and down like a diving board as he marched toward me. When he stood in front of me, his impressive male meat was mere inches from my mouth, I fought the urge take his incredible edible in my mouth. I thought he might take the decision away from me and shove it in my partially open mouth, but instead he laid a hand on my shoulder as he took the big step to the seat.
"Damn it's hot in here."
"You'll get used to it." I took his hand. "C'mon, let's sit down."
We sat and he draped his arm around my shoulder. I wrapped my fist around his cock. "You have a very nice cock. I'll bet Lyd-i-a loved it?
"She liked it all right. Are you going to tell me what you know?"
I chuckled, "You may have been three hundred miles away, but we heard all about you. Did you eat a lot of pussy up there?"
"No, just Lydia. Why?"
"I have a friend at Stanford who's a cheerleader and Lydia made sure that all the cheerleaders and who knows, maybe others, that you are the greatest pussy eater who ever lived."
He chuckled. That's ridiculous. She taught me."
"I heard that. According to my friend, Lyd-i-a said you were a natural. She said your tongue inspired her to become head cheerleader. She has all the cheerleaders calling you the magic tongue. They'd all like a shot at your tongue."
He frowned and laughed at the same time. "Really, they'd all like me eat their snatches?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English


Word Count: 8000

Sales info:

This is book two of Cunnylicking series. Book three is w.i.p. Never got around to properly promoting it so sales have been soso. Volume One Cunnylicking 101 - Lydia sells good on Banes & Noble and Apple. Our plan is to promote more when we get Cunnylicking 101 - Diana Volume three finished.

Sample text:

We stepped through the French doors, and the delicious aroma drifted all the way from the barbeque on the far side of the pool. Walking past the pool, when we stepped up to my parent's free standing, custom barbeque, Jimmy's stomach growled. Apparently, he was hungry for food. Now, if I could only get him naked and hungry for me.

The steaks were done. I glanced at Jimmy. "Perfect." I transferred the steaks from the grill to a plate. "Ready?"

"Um-huh." He rubbed his tummy. "I'm starving."

"Well then, let's go." Skirting the freeform pool we headed back the house. As we passed close to a turnout in the pool, I tripped on a garden hose and banged into Jimmy. I didn't mean to, but when I did my naughty side urged me to hit him hard.

Swinging his hands wildly to regain his balance, I reached out to Jimmy as he tipped precariously toward the pool. Our fingers touched, but it was too late. Jimmy splashed into the pool.

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