Cunnylicking 101 - Diana by V.A. Gyna

Oral sex is Jimmy Love's passion.

Cunnylicking 101 - diana


Oral sex is Jimmy Love's passion. He's a self-proclaimed cunny-licker. Follow him as he splays women's legs and spreads joy throughout womanhood. This is the story of Jimmy's time at Stanford Univ. and his sexual relationship with Diana, his beautiful mixed race college dorm-mate, who continues Jimmy's edification of cunnilingus and how giving most certainly leads to receiving

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Short Stories

Language: English

Keywords: interracial, interracial sex, cunnillingus, fellatio, oral sex, campus sex, college sex, dorm mates

Word Count: 6500

Sales info:

Book Three of a series. Haven't done advertisisng, but it does okay for not being pushed. Cunnylicking 101 - Lydia which is book one does quite well on Smashwords which distributes to Apple, Kobo & Barnes & Noble.

Sample text:


"Ah-huh. Lydia made me promise to give this letter to you the minute I saw you."
Finally something interrupted my fixation with Diana's breasts. "What?"
She held out an envelope. "She asked me to deliver this letter to you. It's important."
I yanked the envelope from her hand and after ripping it open, pulled the contents out and began to read.
The corners of my lips curled upward. Smiling, I glanced at Diana. "She broke up with him."
Diana frowned. "Don't get too excited, Love. Keep reading."
My gaze returned to the letter.
As a tear welled in my eye, I glanced up at Diana. "You're going to be my roommate?"
Her beautiful face wore a concerned look. "If it’s all right with you."
"I would like that."
Diana smiled. "Good."
I glanced back at Lydia's letter.
Diana hustled down the stairs and wrapped a comforting arm around me as a tear meandered down my cheek. Diana, bless her heart, snuggled close, hugging me and kissing my neck and cheek.
Sniffling, I balled up the letter and flung it away as if it were toxic.
Diana retrieved it. "We don't want anyone reading your personal mail." She took my hand and led me up the stairs. "Come let's get you inside, out of public view and into the privacy of our room."
"Lydia say's she's sick."
"I know. She's cured from the disease, but she's weak and needs lots of rest. Don't worry, Baby, I plan to make up for her absence."

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