Crockpot Recipes: Crockpot And Slow Cookers Crockpot Meals Crockpot Book by Harrison Clark

You can now focus your attention on creating delicious meals for you, your family and your friends, and let this delcious Crock Pot recipe cookbook do the rest!

Crockpot recipes: crockpot and slow cookers crockpot meals crockpot book

You can now focus your attention on creating delicious meals for you, your family and your friends, and let this delcious Crock Pot recipe cookbook do the rest! 

The modern fast paced world we live in makes cooking a difficult task. Days go by incredibly fast with work, time spent in traffic, kids and family and sometimes mixing up a proper lunch or dinner is the last of our concerns. But don’t you wish it was different? Don’t you wish you could eat a nutritious meal every day without the hassle of mixing and supervising it above the stove? Let me tell you that it is possible and it has one answer – slow cooking! A crock pot resolves all your cooking problems regarding time and money and it is capable of allowing you to cook a wide range of recipes to satisfy the tastes of even the pickiest eaters. 

Wait no more! Download your copy today and change your life style and diet for good! No more junk food, no more extra money spent on restaurants, no more food that has no nutrients! 

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Some of you may be saying, “Give me one reason why you should eat crockpot recipes?”

I can just say, “Guys, try these recipes once, you’ll never regret your decision!! Just do it!!”


Yummy Zesty Citrus Chicken

You will need:

How to Make:

  1. Combine salt, pepper and dried oregano in a bowl. Then rub it directly to the chicken.
  2. Melt the butter in a pan then, brown the chicken for 7 minutes.
  3. Put the chicken in the crock pot followed by the water, chicken bouillon and the lemon juice.
  4. Allow to cook for 6 hours under low heat or 3 hours on high heatenup. When cooked, add in the parsley.

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