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How to write critical response essay

Critical response

While being a student you are facing the task to write an essay. It is a great possibility to show your writing skills and ideas. In order to be aware of how to give the correct responses and criticize people in an appropriate way you can try to write a critical response essay.
Writing a critical response essay is one of the most frequent tasks in the schools. Sometimes the professors offer the titles for the students and even point out the thesis statement for the critical response essay. Sometimes the students have the right of choice and they can any topic they want. The only task they have is to type and to write a critical response essay.
Here are some steps which can be taken in the process of writing a critical response essay:

For critical response essay you have to concentrate on the topic. Discuss it with your friends and express your thoughts on the paper.
If you want that your critical response essay is accepted by the auditory you should use some sources of the information – the books, the Internet, the articles and so on.
Try to illustrate in the critical response essay only your thoughts, the cases of plagiarism can not make your work good.
Stick to the concrete structure of the critical response essay, which contains the introduction, the main body (or supportive paragraphs) and the conclusion.
The main body is divided on several paragraphs, and each paragraph concentrates on some specific idea and proved by the facts.
The critical response essay needs the thought and the evidence.

The title is short, interesting and touching the modern problems. The topics for the critical response essay:

Political Situation in Iraq;
The Right of Choice in Education;
Death Punishment;
Economical Innovations;
The introduction should

illustrate the main objectives of the critical response essay;
attract the reader’s attention;
briefly inform the reader about the main issues of the critical response essay;
if it is a critical response essay on some literary work – there should be a little bit about the author and his role in the society;
The main body presents:

the facts of the subject;
the examples;
the methods;
The conclusion of the critical response essay gives:

the overview of the above mentioned information;
the description of personal thoughts and desires;
the analysis of the information from the main body;
So, here are the main points which should be considered if you want to create a good piece of work, called a critical response essay.

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