Crazy In Love by Perie Wolford

The Story of a Gay Demon

A black comedy story based on a horror painting

Crazy in love

A black comedy story based on a horror painting and vastly inspired by Stephen King’s “Needful Things”
When 17-year-old Dale Stevens comes to spend his summer at his aunt’s house in the desolate woods upstate California, he expects the most boring 90 days of his life. But his expectations change rapidly after he meets a mysterious stranger in the woods and discovers things about himself, his body, and his soul that he knew nothing about.

Genre: FICTION / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Language: English

Keywords: gay, horror, demon, supernatural, coming out

Word Count: 18551

Sales info:

3.2 out of 5

Sample text:

Leaning his forehead against the bus window, woozily, Dale Nicolson kept looking at the century-old pines flashing by. There were great many of them here in the mountains. And there was absolutely nothing interesting about them. They were all boring as hell! Or so thought Dale.

The scenery changed as the bus went downhill, gaining speed, and the pines were lost somewhere behind, same as Dale’s dreams about a wonderful summer he was going to spend with his friends in Mexico. Jack invited every one of them to his beach house this summer, while his parents were traveling up and down Europe, mixing publishing business with pleasure. The worldwide love for physiological thrillers, great luck and a couple of neatly-written NYC #1 bestsellers were the reason why Jack’s family owned property in almost every country of the first world. Word! It wasn’t just some property. They owned real mansions, with dozens of bedrooms, countless bathrooms, swimming pools, private cooks, staff, and only God knows what else!

It was always only a matter of choice where Jack was going to spend his summer. Usually somewhere warm, and far away from where his parents were. Dale’s summers, on the other hand, were mostly spent back home in LA, in his family’s tiny 200 square feet apartment, or at his aunt’s in a sad little town of Reno, north California. And that’s where he was headed now.

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Loved the translation. Done in time.
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