Crash Around Me by Piper Lennox

No-strings-attached arrangement becomes more.

Crash around me

There’s no “slow” with a guy like Luka. No buildup. No trickle.

Just a full, huge wave, all at once.


Luka is the perfect side guy. 

Tan. Ripped. Charming. 

Unbelievably sexy, with that sideways smile that melts me like Sinatra. 

And we used to have the perfect arrangement.

Don’t get attached. Don’t get jealous. 

Whatever happens, accept it.

Now I’m back at his resort in Kona, like any other visit. Except now I’m jobless, scared stupid…and quickly realizing just how hard it is to resist him. 

Even when I’m supposed to be with someone else.

We were never serious. So why is it so damn hard to tell him it has to end?


I’ve got bigger problems than whatever the hell Tanya’s doing. 

A business to run, nasty rumors to put to rest. A giant, state-of-the-art house to build, all new and all mine. 

No hassles. No memories.

But that girl, the one with emerald eyes and a stubborn streak a mile wide, gets under my skin like nobody else.

She can play like we don’t know s*** about each other. That we aren’t losing anything important.

I know better.

And before her trip is over, I’m going to make sure she knows better, too.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: new adult romance, contemporary romance, island romance, just a fling, hawaii, steamy romance

Word Count: 71,473

Sample text:

“You didn’t answer my question.”  When those green eyes flicker back to mine, I repeat, “Are you happy with him?”

“I’m not unhappy with him.”

“And you really think that’s the same thing?”

I unroll the inventory sheets and start counting the wines we’ve got left.  This is Jake’s job, but he’s been fudging numbers too much lately.  One part of this job I definitely hate: writing evaluations about people I consider friends.

While I work, she grabs a step stool from the wall and sits.  It takes everything in me not to tell her she looks beautiful in that red dress, hair falling in wisps around her face, makeup tinged with some kind of shimmer that catches the light.

“I lost my job,” she says, suddenly.

The pen slips from my hand, but I catch it.  I look at her.  “When?”

“Yesterday.”   She purses her lips.  As soon as I see even one tear, I’m kneeling beside her, pulling her into my shoulder.  Forgetting all about rules.

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