Cowgirl Fever by Dawn Brower

A rancher and a journalist find love when its least expected

Cowgirl fever

Dallas Novak swore off women after his fiancée broke their engagement. His plans change when he becomes responsible for his family and their ranch, Novak Springs. Resigned to his new life, he throws himself into making the ranch successful. 

Ginnifer Zeiss is a well-established journalist from New York. When approached to write an article on Cowgirl Yoga, she drops everything to experience what a real ranch is like. She secretly loves ranches and is attracted to sexy cowboys.

When Dallas meets Ginnifer he is instantly attracted to her. As he spends time in her company, he starts to wonder if he can live without her. Can he move past the betrayal his ex-fiancée dealt him long enough to grab happiness?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Western

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: cowboy, ranch, horse, cowgirl, yoga

Word Count: 69000

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It sells ok

Sample text:

The hot summer sun was beating down on the windowpane and making the room hotter than it should be with the central air blowing out on full blast. It was mid-July, and Dallas was looking over his sister Emma’s business plan for Cowgirl Yoga. It was an addition to the already operational horse ranch they lived on. It was equally owned by Dallas, Wesley, and Emma, but Dallas had final say in everything that affected the ranch’s bottom line. The three siblings had inherited Novak Springs when their parents passed away several years ago.

“I’m not buying it as a viable option, Emma,” Dallas explained to his sister.

“Of course it is. We are not making any money in the fall months, and it’s a great idea, admit it,” Emma said, her heart-shaped lips lifting into an impish smile.

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