Coven Relics by JB Trepagnier

A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance

My stupid cheating ex seems intent on using my museum to bring a deadly cult back to life

Coven relics

How is this my life right now?

Key is not really Doctor Key. I’m over that part, but it wouldn’t shock me if he really was a doctor. He definitely wasn’t lying about getting arrested. There are now three people at my museum who can translate the missing page from the grimoire as easily as breathing. This isn’t good. This isn’t good at all.

But I trust my new houseguests. They have intimate knowledge of Thorunn and the Cult of the Aether Sisters. They all have their reasons for stopping them and yeah, I just met Sleipnir and Bjorn, but they are planning some sort of reckoning on Valentine for what he did to me.

The only problem is that Bjorn sees the future and he hasn’t seen us stopping Thorunn from coming back from the dead and starting a new cult.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Witches

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters

Language: English

Keywords: reverse harem paranormal, reverse harem gods, reverse harem shifters, reverse harem witches

Word Count: 52810

Sales info:

This series is part of a shared world. It's done well and will do better once the final book in the series comes out at the end of September as a lot of readers in this genre wait until series are complete before they start

Sample text:

This wasn’t happening to me. I needed a drink. And lots of dicking. Someone robbed the museum on my watch. Not just someone—my fucking ex, who I didn’t even want here in the first place. I let Gertrude Von Stein talk me into it when she said he had the find of the century. Fucking Gertrude. She was going to love this. That dragon had been trying to get me fired since I cursed her husband’s dick for trying to indecent proposal me when I was interviewing for the job.

I was just sitting at a desk in the warehouse with my face in my hands. I’d already called Kaine, the board, and my twin. Ripley was putting her foot down and demanding they train someone to take over her library if she ever wanted to go on vacation or got kidnapped to another realm again. I fully supported her with that. I never wanted to find out my twin was kidnapped again, but she deserved a day off now and then.

Ripley was still interviewing people, and I knew they would have to be perfect for her to trust them with her library, so she couldn’t be here right now. I wasn’t super surprised when Reyson appeared with Felix, Gabriel, Balthazar, and Bram. Damn. She sent all her dicks to help me out.

Reyson and Loki locked eyes, and they both lit up. Since that puzzle box opened, I hadn’t had time to catch my breath, but my sister was sacred, and I’d already texted her to let her know who Doctor Key was. Apparently, Loki and Reyson went way back, and I knew the only reason he hadn’t just appeared himself in my cottage to say hello was that Ripley threatened him.

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