Courage Runs Red by W.J. May

What if courage what your only option?

Courage runs red

What if courage was your only option? 

When Kallie lands a college interview with the city’s new hot-shot police officer, she has no idea everything in her life is about to change. The detective is young, handsome and seems to have an unnatural ability to stop the increasing local crime rate. Detective Liam’s particular interest in Kallie sends her heart and head stumbling over each other. 

When a raging blood feud between vampires spills into her home, Kallie gets caught in the middle. Torn between love and family loyalty she must find the courage to fight what she fears the most and possibly risk everything, even if it means dying for those she loves.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English


Word Count: 25,000

Sales info:

High rankings and reviews on amazon. It has just come out the past month and is doing very well.

Sample text:

One Dark and Stormy Night...

Heavy rain battered against the windshield. The massive drops ricocheted like bullets against the roof of the car, and the wipers were losing their battle to keep the front window clear. A gust swiped against the side of the car. Kallie’s vise grip on the steering wheel still could not stop the slight swerve the wind forced the car to do.

She had been driving already over a year, but just got her full license about two weeks ago. She knew how to drive, her dad owned a trucking company and had let her drive tow-motors and skid steers since she turned ten. Good driver or not, no one should be driving in this sudden storm. Her too-long bangs fell into her eyes and she tried futilely to blow them out. No way in hell was she taking a hand off the wheel to get them out of the way.

Her dad sat sleeping in the passenger seat beside her, oblivious to the storm. One of his dispatchers had called in sick two days ago, and then yesterday a driver had come down with the same stomach virus. He’d covered the dispatch desk and then opted to right away take the transport truck’s freight delivery for the sick guy himself. He had gone and done the twelve-hour round trip drive with no rest. On top of all that, he still planned to be back in for work at seven tomorrow. 

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Lucie Mercy
Already translated. Translated by Jana David
Already translated. Translated by Claudia Mirruzzo
Already translated. Translated by Telma Catarina Rodrigues Cabral
Already translated. Translated by Santiago Machain

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