Corpus De Licti by Walter Parks

The Body Returns

No matter how many times he is killed the body returns.

Corpus de licti

Brad killed his rival and hid the body, but it kept returning again and again and again.

Genre: TRUE CRIME / Murder / General

Language: English

Keywords: murder, dead body, body returns, dead body returns again and again

Word Count: 120

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Sample text:

Brad loved her deeply but she did not want to settle down.  She worked as an assistant to a Senator and enjoyed the opulence that the job offered.

He went to her house. An eerie, heavy fog drifts over the city.  Streaks of bright moon light break through, lending an even more creepy feeling to the city streets.

Lisa’s house defies her middleclass neighborhood. It is neat and orderly. Her yard and porch are covered in flowers. An old fashion porch swing gently moves in the foggy night breeze.

Soon there would be a dead body.

The Senator worked with Omar.  Brad found her with Omar and went into a rage!

Omar missed his meeting with the Senator.  No one could find Omar.  The local Sheriff’s office searched for Omar.  The FBI, and others, searched for Omar.  But they could not find him.

Brad Found Omar and he became a dead body

But Brad and his friends found the dead body of Omar again and again and again and again….

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