Coronavirus Covid-19 Prevention: by Gary Randolph

How to Stay Safe & Avoid Getting Sick

This ebook is about coronavirus prevention and building immunity.

Coronavirus covid-19 prevention:

Coronavrius can be prevented by following standard procedures. 
It is said that precauations are better than cure and it is true for coronavirus prevention.
Coronavirus can also be prevented by improving immunity or having strong immunity.
Several people only get moderate to mild symptoms; then, other people could be prone to extreme COVID-19 symptoms. 
Medical facts mentioned in this ebook are meant to help us understand the best way to protect ourselves and others.

This ebook will teach you:

- Basic standard procedures to stop coronavirus from attacking you
- Information to prevent yourself from coronavirus
- Avoid social gathering
- Wear mask
- How to do grocery shopping during pandemic
- What if you feel sick?
- Quarantine procedures
- & much more!!!


If you want to save yourself from coronavirus then this guide is for you.

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