Cord Magic by Raven Willow

Simple Spells for Beginners to Witchcraft

new-age witchcraft spell book

Cord magic

Perfect for beginners to witchcraft, or as a simple reference guide for intermediate practitioners. Informative, concise, and current this book is the perfect addition to any witchcraft reference collection. 

This book explores the topic of cord magic, focusing on how to get started with simple spells, and ways to make your spells more effective. 

Learn how to use colours and moon phases to get the results you want from your spells. 

There are also some short and simple spells that you can use, or adapt, to help you achieve your goals.

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Witchcraft & Wicca

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Magick Studies

Language: English

Keywords: witchcraft, spells, wicca, magic

Word Count: 10,000

Sales info:

Sales are steady but low-ish at 2-3 per week. The book has good reviews and is on a hard to find topic. 

Sample text:

There are spells in this book that you can follow, but we will also look at how to put 
together your own spell to suit your needs. Cord magic is a simple type of magic to perform, 
making it excellent for beginners to witchcraft. You can cast any kind of spell with cords, and 
it is also easy to use anywhere, making it even more convenient than candle magic. To 
perform cord magic, coloured cords are simply knotted, or braided together while focusing 
on your desired outcome. Then the cord is blessed, and worn or carried by the person 
casting the spell.  
Spells are a personal thing so feel free to modify them to suit you. If you’re just not feeling a 
particular spell, it won’t work no matter how precisely you perform it. If you are fully 
motivated and focused on a spell, it won’t matter so much if you forget an ingredient or 
substitute something, the spell will still work. With focus and the right intention you can 
cast a powerful spell without any tools or ingredients; and even the most carefully chosen 
enhancements won’t make a spell work if you don’t focus your intention properly. 
So, what is intention? Simply put, your intention is what you aim to achieve from your spell. 
If your intentions are not specific, you won’t get a specific result. If your spell is to enable 
you to have enough money to buy a new car, focus your intention and the spell on the car. If 
you focus on just the money, the Goddess may send you surprising and unfortunate results. 

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The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Audrey Kuster
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Already translated. Translated by Ana Sifre
Author review:
Great experience. very timely and accurate.

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