Cooper by Kathi S. Barton

The Manning Dragons ― Erotic Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance


Cooper Manning and his five brothers were true dragons. Centuries ago, when the humans had turned on their kind, their father sacrificed himself to save his sons by casting a powerful spell which allowed them to walk among the humans. Even centuries later, Cooper couldn’t seem to let go of the past and despised most humans.

Carson Langley was exhausted. After being forced to work thirty-six hours straight, she unwittingly complained to the new plant owner, now she knew she was fired. There was nothing left to do but go home and cry about it later.

Cooper was sent by his brother to retrieve the helpful woman and bring her back to the plant, and he wasn’t happy about it either. It didn’t help that when she answered the door she shared his sour mood, and when he touched her hand, the magic that surged between them meant only one thing—she was his other half, and she was human.... Cooper was seeing red.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: Paranormal romance, Werewolves & shifters, Erotic Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Erotic romance, Spicy Romance, Erotica

Word Count: 61163

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Cooper is book 1 of the Manning Dragon Series. Kathi S. Barton is an award winning and bestselling author and has nearly 200 books out to date. Every book she releases hits the bestseller list. She's looking to branch out into other languages.

Sample text:

“I’m afraid there is no hope for us.” No one made a sound as their leader continued. “Since the humans found out about us and what we can do, we have been doomed. I’m so terribly sorry.”

Coop looked around the room. There were so few of them now that he could easily count everyone. When he’d been younger, thousands of years ago, there wouldn’t have been enough space for all of them to share this room. Now they were down to a quarter of them sharing the space because so many, his own wife included, had been murdered so needlessly. Coop was saddened by it all. Turning to leave the large cave, he was stopped by his brother, Xavier.

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Already translated. Translated by Chiara Vitali
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Great translation!
Already translated. Translated by Angela Schwab
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Great job!!! I would highly recommend her!
Already translated. Translated by Elmina Carla Gomes Garanito
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Elmina is great to work with!

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