Cool Happiness by Henry Osal

A brief and smart guide to optimism

Cool happiness

What is Happiness? 
“Everyone aspires to a happy life, but nobody knows what that is” 

Many will think, ”what a pointless question”, when reading the title of this introduction. And they will answer that HAPPINESS is exactly that: HAPPINESS. 
It’s not so easy to answer this question. If you dig a little, happiness to some will be a time of joy, for others a moment of pleasure, for a few the feeling of infinite peace when they rest... 
There are as many types of happiness as the number of people in the world. And that's because happiness is not a mathematical formula, happiness is an intimate experience that allows us to enjoy life and face the future with optimism. 
In this short journey that we will go through together in order to be happier, to have a happier life, I only intend to help you discover YOUR HAPPINESS. Yes, yours, because just as YOU ARE UNIQUE, your happiness is unique and only belongs to you; so strange, so wonderful. 
Will you join me on this amazing journey to the centre of your happiness? 

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

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We tend to relate HAPPINESS with a precise moment in our lives, almost always linked to our memories of the past, to what has already happened. And that time is usually short, too fleeting; a peak of extraordinary joy that was set for eternity in our memory. This is how our brain works: it’s removing the everyday, the usual (unless it is repeated with extraordinary persistence) to retain the unique. It happens with the good things as well as with the bad things.

The downside of this perspective, which is natural for us as human beings, is that it restricts us when it comes to being happy in the following ways:

- It sets exaggerated scales of happiness.

- Links happiness with very high and infrequent expectations.

- I'm only happy with yesterday, or I might just be happy in the future... forgetting the present.

I'm not asking the reader to change his memories (something which is impossible), nor the manner in which the brain registers (something even more impossible), I 'm trying to make you see that you need a change of focus. Later we will go a little deeper into each of these aspects, but presently, starting right now you must bear the following in mind:

- Value each moment in the present to be truly happy. Don’t leave it for later when it’s only a memory; a melancholy of something already lived.

- The past does not bring happiness, and awaiting future happiness only reduces the value of what you are experiencing right now.

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