Confessions of a 3-Day Novelist: How to Write an Entire Book in Just 72 Hours by Laura Roberts

Learn how to write an entire book in just 72 hours, from an author who's done it.

Confessions of a 3-day novelist: how to write an entire book in just 72 hours

Want to finish writing your books faster? Learn the tricks that bestselling authors use to succeed!

In 2011 author Laura Roberts wrote an entire book in just 72 hours, as part of the 3-Day Novel Contest. Upon completing the challenge successfully, she knew she’d found a great new way to write books quickly, and wanted to share her secrets with the world.

In this book you’ll learn:

˃˃˃ Plus plenty of tricks and tips for writing faster, smarter, and harder.

Use the methods that bestselling authors have used to achieve their success. Learn how to finish your books quickly to get them delivered to readers and build your fan base.

What are you waiting for? Grab a copy and learn to start writing faster today.

Genre: EDUCATION / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English


Word Count: 8,116

Sample text:

When I tell people I wrote a novel in just three days, their first reaction is typically shock.

“Oh my god!” they’ll say, “How did you do that?”

When I tell them I was participating in an annual event called the 3-Day Novel Contest, they’re often even more surprised.

“Wait, you mean this happens every year?! What kind of lunatics would do such a thing?”

The short answer is: Canadians, mostly, as the event originally began in Vancouver.

The longer answer is: People who like a good challenge. People like me.

My name is Laura Roberts, and I’m a Three Day Novelist. In 2011, I participated in the 34th annual 3-Day Novel Contest. I paid the $50 entry fee and spent most of my Labor Day weekend holed up in my apartment writing what would eventually become my first published book, Ninjas of the 512: A Texas-Sized Satire.

It was one of the hardest, craziest, and most ridiculously fun things I’ve ever done. After typing for 72 hours (with intermittent breaks for food, drink, caffeine, more caffeine, chocolate, still more caffeine, showers or naps when my energy was flagging, and a Sunday workout), I felt like my hands were going to fall off. But I finished my manuscript, and sent it in to be judged. The feeling was amazing. I had completed my first full-length book!

Of course the manuscript was nowhere near complete ­– it was totally unedited, had plenty of typos and spelling errors and parts that said “TK” and “Add More Here!” It certainly wasn’t something I intended to upload to Amazon as a finished product, right then and there. But it was a complete story, told from start to finish. It was a 100% complete first draft.

And it’s something you can learn how to do, too, because I can teach you my method.

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Already translated. Translated by Wendy van den Berg
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It was great working with Wendy on this project. She provided quick translations and wasn't afraid to ask questions about pieces that didn't quite work in Dutch. She was very easy to communicate with, and always turned in manuscripts ahead of the deadline. Highly recommended!
Already translated. Translated by Wellington de Souza Lescano
Already translated. Translated by Denise Tarud
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Great communication, quick translation of the material, and Denise even provided translation for bonus material advertised in my book. I would definitely work with her again on my Spanish translations. Highly recommended!

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