Computer Programming: From Beginner to Badass—JavaScript, HTML, CSS, & SQL by Zack Fleming and Steven Webber

A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners 2019

A book for learning computer programming ( JavaScript HTML, CSS, & SQL

Computer programming: from beginner to badass—javascript, html, css, & sql


Inside, you will find an introduction to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. These are computer programming languages. Some of them are more precisely referred to as scripting languages.

Starting with JavaScript, I will introduce you to the above-mentioned programming languages. Hopefully, by the end of this book, you will have the answers to the questions of what it is and what you can do with it.

JavaScript is a programming language that allows for the implementation of complex items on static web pages. Every time you look at a web page that does something besides display static information, it is a pretty safe assumption to make that JavaScript is involved. It is often referred to as the third layer of the cake.

HTML is a relatively simple programming language that, at its core, consists of elements. These elements allow you to distinguish different sections of text as different aspects on your page. Whether it be a paragraph, a heading, a column, or whatever you need it to be—this is accomplished with the use of these elements.

This language is also where you get the ability to create hyperlinks. The use of hyperlinks is very important, especially when you want to be able to direct someone to a specific part of your text or page.

CSS is a programming language that is used to style and structure the layout of a web page. If you want to change your font, color, and background, you may do so by adding an animation or design a specific outline. This is the language you’re going to make use of to accomplish those things.

CSS makes use of the box model—most elements are represented as a box with the content, padding, and borders built-up like layers on an onion. You need to understand the box model before you can begin to understand how to create CSS layouts.

Meanwhile, SQL is a programming language that is designed to work with sets of facts and how they relate to each other. As you might expect, relational database programs make use of SQL. Like many other computer languages, SQL is, in fact, an international standard. However, SQL is easily read and understood even by beginners.

Data sets are described in SQL using SELECT statements. An SQL statement is like a sentence and consists of clauses. Some clauses are required in a SELECT statement.

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Sample text:

 para.textContent = ‘It is ‘ + temperature + ‘ degrees outside – really hot!’ ;
In this example, the code all works together; however, each if else statement also works independently of the rest of the code as well. 
If you have multiple conditions to test and if you don’t want to write nested if else statements, allow me to introduce logical operators. They are And, Or, and Not. The first one is written as && or AND. It makes it possible to tie multiple, two or more, expressions together so that they each have to return positive in order for the whole expression to return true.
Here is a brief example:
if(choice === ‘sunny’ && temperature < 86) {
  para.textContent = ‘it is’ + temperature + ‘degrees outside. Nice and sunny’;
} else if ( choice === ‘sunny’ && temperature >=86 ){
  para.textContent = ‘ It is’ + temperature + ‘degrees outside. Really hot’;
The first block of code will only be run if the choice and the temperature both return true.
|| OR: This logical operator makes it possible to tie together multiple expressions so that at least one must return true in order for the whole expression to return true.
Here is a quick example:
if( IceCreamVanOutside || houseStatus === ‘on fire’) {


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