Common Sense Hatha Yoga: Forgotten Advice by APO HALMYRIS

The modern, western yoga should be analyzed in its own terms. Do the neglected classical rules of Asana and prANAyAma seem exotic nowadays? Kundalini seems to be dormant in her ageless nest. But, beware: "Rotten wood cannot be carved" ( Confucius )

Common sense hatha yoga: forgotten advice

It is obvious that the "American yoga" is not Hatha Yoga, which is not rooted in Yoga Darsana of Patanjali.
What IS this apparently hedonistic egotistic fitness cult is to be shaped by its teachers and practitioners.
A moment to look in the mirror.

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The Wheel, As An Introduction

The content of this e-book was not conceived for the eager beginners on the long and winding path of Yoga.

Those who have already accumulated some experience and knowledge in Hatha Yoga or those who have followed some of the modern contemporary varieties of western yogas might read and reflect upon the suggestions presented here.

I have assumed that the interested readers of these pages were being offered by their teachers or mentors the basic lessons about Asana and some of the Pranayama techniques.


It is a remarkable fact that the phenomenon historically defined as Yoga was born on the Indian subcontinent. In the following text the use of the term “Yoga” shall be reserved for the classical periods identifiable in India, that is the synthesis of Yoga Darsana as described by Patanjali in Yoga Sutra, or the Tantric techniques generating the Hatha Yoga current synthesized in the fourteenth century in Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

For the modern styles of the previous century and the contemporary western varieties the term of “yoga” shall still be used, but as a homonym, in parallel with the classical Yoga.

The most extended part of tradition and science is situated written inside many books, or imprinted on magnetic memory devices, but only a small part of it exists truly alive in some active and dedicated practitioners, teachers, AcAryas and sages.

The research of new ways might be valuable indeed, from more than one perspective, but a period of practice in accordance with the principles of a classical style empirically validated already by centuries, could bring some more food for thought and reflection upon how to proceed on your personal path.

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