Combat by Emma Calin

A fast moving, steamy, adult suspense romance novel, with female cop protagonist.


A boxing official dead in New York.

Interpol cop Anna Leyton meets world champ cruiser-weight Freddie La Salle in a black London cab.

Both have pasts and secrets.

They need each other openly but neither must reveal the truth.

A sports reporter is slain.

Organised criminals conspire to rig international gambling.

A cop in love with her number one suspect risks the fire to express the heat of her erotic love.

The do-or-die passion of a fighter in his prime feeds the flames to a white heat of lust.

Follow the big fight build up through London, Paris and California all the way to that round one bell in New York City.

Can Freddie La Salle do what he has to do in the ring?
Can true love be built on deception?

Take off the gloves and buy this book now for a front row seat.   

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

Language: English

Keywords: romance, love story, steamy romance, police, female detective, suspense, adventure, female protagonist, strong female, mafia, sport romance, boxing

Word Count: 66400

Sales info:

This book is the second story in the Passion Patrol Series.

It has had tens of thousands of downloads in English on Amazon worldwide. It is currently listed as a free book on Amazon during Covid-19 lockdown.  It has been a paid category #1 bestseller on Amazon in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.  It is currently around the 8000 mark in the free charts on Amazon USA and is in the top 20 of three categories for free books.

The Passion Patrol Series currently includes 7 full length suspense romance novels and a cookery book (!?). 

Each book is a stand alone complete adventure romance story, that can be read in its own right with no cliff hangers between books.  These books are aimed at adult readers who enjoy plenty of sex in their romance stories. Do not accept the translation if you are uncomfortable with explicit romance scenes.

The Passion Patrol Series element of these books is that every story features a female cop from the London Met Police as protagonist. Each heroine in each book has a different role within the police.  In this book, Anna is a young Interpol detective. She falls in love with Freddie, a stranger in a taxi who as it later turns out, could hold a key to a major investigation by her department  The story tells of Anna being sent undercover to infiltrate his world and how their love survives the deception and disaster that follows when the bad guys turn on her.  

The common theme in the series is that we join the heroine at a point when she is single and about to meet the love of her life, usually in the course of duty. These sassy powerful women are as passionate about the men they love, as they are about fulfilling their duty in the police. The path for true love is never easy and each of these girls face mortal peril and are challenged to complete their mission, keep their man and stay alive to love another day. 

Sample text:


At the entrance to the tube station there was a growing crowd. The lattice shutters were being closed while an harassed official explained that there was a wild-cat strike. She turned away. Ahead of her lay a nightmare journey by bus to her empty flat in Kilburn. Suddenly the cold politics of the meeting, the gray loneliness of the street, the crowds of uncaring strangers, filled her with a longing for warmth and intimacy. The break from her lover, police Commander Beaumont Locke had seemed clean but had left a jagged gap of loneliness - like an exit wound. A gap where another rainy evening briefly played over and over again in her mind.

She stood on the edge of the pavement. Perhaps she could get a taxi - but with a tube strike there was small chance of that! Several black cabs beetled along, already filled. She kept her hand raised and as if by magic she saw the amber “For Hire” light of a London taxi pulling in at her side. She felt a movement from behind and heard an accented male voice:

“The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane.”

She turned to see a tall rock of a man, moving past her into the taxi. This guy was going to have to back off. She grabbed the door. Even as she did so she saw his deep brown eyes, the dark eyebrows, one of which only partly disguised a long scar. She could never explain - even to herself - why in that instant she wanted to touch it and know how it had been caused. Her heart raced with indignation and a sense of excitement she had never expected to feel again… not since… well, just not since everything.

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Already translated. Translated by Y. W.
Author review:
Great job and great translator
Already translated. Translated by Ana Medina
Author review:
Another fine translation from the super-efficient and accurate Ana. Many thanks for a great job and fantastic communications throughout the task.

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