Coaching the Bear: A Paranormal Shifter Romance by AJ Tipton

A debonair billionaire struggling to improve his company. A voluptuous personal trainer with nothing left to lose. Can their passion save the people they love?

Coaching the bear: a paranormal shifter romance

A debonair billionaire struggling to improve his company. A voluptuous personal trainer with nothing left to lose. Can their passion save the people they love? 

Handsome bear shifter Walter has the vision and drive to save his family’s company, but not the power. After months of watching his older, playboy brother, Raymond, destroy the family business, a drunken bet finally gives Walter the opportunity to win it all back. Everything comes down to the shifter games: a contest of strength, speed, and cunning, where the winner takes all. One problem: Walter has never won before. Until he meets the strong woman of his dreams... 

Katherine is an accomplished personal trainer who has lost her job due to Raymond’s negligent business practices. When she flies into town to confront him, the last thing she expects is to become embroiled in a bitter feud between the brothers, where the outcome will determine the fate of everyone she loves. 

While Katherine trains Walter for the competition, private coaching gives way to life-changing passion. Will Walter be strong enough to win the games…or will his brother’s devious ways crush Walter’s dreams? 

Coaching the Bear is a short paranormal romance novella in the “Bear Shifter Games” series, a set of stand-alone stories that sizzle and satisfy. If you like steamy romance, muscle-bound shifters, and magical action, then you’ll love AJ Tipton’s breathtaking book. 

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Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy

Language: English


Word Count: 12977

Sales info:

This is book #1 of a four-book "Bear Shifter Games" series. This picks up on both the "Billionaire" and "Bear Shifter/Werebear" tropes which have been best selling in the romance genre on all platforms. Coaching the Bear has a 5 star rating on amazon and has been very well received by readers.

Sample text:

Katherine Kalani shook her head in disbelief as she gazed in awe at the bustling crowd; she’d never seen so many different shifters in one place. Every kind that Katherine had ever heard of was limbering up, changing from their human forms into foxes, bears, wolves, and dozens of other animals as they waited behind a single, glowing line marked, “START”.

“What is all this?” Katherine asked Sylvester. She stretched her long, tanned legs and tried to work out the kink in her neck. The six hour flight from Hawaii had left her rumpled and knotted.

“Welcome to the shifter games!” Sylvester opened his arms out wide, encompassing the crowded clearing in the woods. “These gorgeous specimens...” her friend gestured at the shifters, “will be running, jumping, flying, climbing, and doing whatever else they need to do to get through the course our badass game master has concocted.” He pointed at a pale woman with rose tattoos all across her chest standing atop what looked like a lifeguard stand. Her long black hair was tied up in dozens of braids all floating in the air, bobbing and nodding, seemingly on their own accord. “That’s Lola. Bartender, matchmaker, and game master.” Sylvester grinned. “Also bookie. She’s taking bets on the winner, if you’re interested in some action.”

“Sly, I didn’t fly all the way to the mainland to see a bunch of hunks run a race.” She laughed at Sylvester’s faux pout. “Not that I mind seeing a bunch of hunks run a race.” She scanned the crowd. “You said you were taking me to see Raymond Bellwether.”

Sylvester took Katherine by the shoulders and gently turned her so she faced the far end of the pack of participants. There, wearing a smarmy grin and nothing else, was Raymond Bellwether.

“That son of a--”

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