Christmas Lovebirds by Rachelle Ayala

The Hart Family

Two lovebirds and their matchmaking bring their owners together, despite an old family betrayal.

Christmas lovebirds

A sweet holiday romance that will delight your heart.

A mix-up between lovebirds brings Melisa face to face with Rob, the man she crushed on her entire life.

Unfortunately, he’s not welcome in her large Irish family because he betrayed her brother. Only, she doesn’t know the real reason.

Can two little lovebirds and Christmas cheer open Melisa's heart to giving Rob another chance?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Family Life

Language: English

Keywords: clean and wholesome, Christmas romance, second chance, sweet romance, pets and animals, family relationships

Word Count: 37000

Sales info:

This book is the first in my popular sweet romance series, Have a Hart Romances, centered around a San Francisco firefighting family. There are 8 books in the series, and I have quite a following for the Hart family. Book #1, Christmas Lovebirds, is currently permafree and available at all major book sites, however, the translation will not be free. I believe there is a thriving market for sweet family-oriented romances outside of the English language. I look forward to working with you on the translation of my Hart Family romances. Now that the series is complete, they sell steadily.

Sample text:

“Come here, cutie pie. Step up.” Melisa Hart stuck her finger into the birdcage for her lovebird, Cassie. “That’s a good girl.”

Her entire class of kindergarteners held themselves still in barely suppressed excitement.

“Can I hold her?” her most talkative student, Bree, squealed.

“It’s ‘may I hold her,’ and, no, not right now.” Melisa brought her bird’s beak to her lips and let Cassie take a nibble, which was her version of a kiss.

“Eweee!” Mattie, the tallest boy in the class, shouted, pointing. “She kissed the bird on the lips.”

“Beak,” Bree corrected Mattie. “Birds don’t have lips.”

“Oh yeah?” Mattie retorted. “How do you know? Bird Brain Bree.”

Melisa stuck Cassie on her shoulder and put her hands over her hips. “Class. What did I say about teasing? Is it nice or mean?”

“Mean,” the children shouted in unison, startling Cassie, whose wings flapped briefly.

“Inside voices,” Melisa reminded the children. “Cassie gets scared easily.”

“Will she fly?” Mattie asked.

“Of course she can fly.” Bree turned her nose up at the taller boy. “Everyone knows birds can fly.”

“Actually, she has her wings clipped to keep her safe.” Melisa tickled Cassie under her wing and said, “Scratchy.”

The little bird lifted her wing and spread out the feathers.

“You’re stupid.” Mattie stuck his tongue out at Bree.

“That’s enough,” Melisa said. “Mattie, go back to your sharing chair. Bree, you too. Talking out of turn. The rest of you will get to line up and hold Cassie.”

“But I wasn’t being mean,”

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Celeste M. M.
Author review:
Wonderful timing and communication. Would work with again.

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