Catherine de Valois: Student - Teacher Edition by Laurel A. Rockefeller

Catherine's inspiring story comes to home schools

Catherine de valois: student - teacher edition

Best known as Henry V's Agincourt bride from Shakespeare's "Henry V," Catherine de Valois was an extraordinary woman of faith, courage, and conviction in an age of politically powerful women.

A younger daughter to King Charles VI of France terrorized by his mental illness, Princess Catherine survived the ravages of his schizophrenia, a civil war at home, and King Henry's war with France to become one of Renaissance England's most fascinating and courageous queens.

Student-Teacher edition features study questions following every chapter.

Genre: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Women

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE NONFICTION / History / Medieval

Language: English

Keywords: hundred years war, textbook, home school, 15th century, Shakespeare, middle grade, Battle of Agincourt

Word Count: 12372

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New edition for home schools.

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“Why do this, Henry?!  You have the crown of France as soon as my father dies.”

“Do I have the crown in truth, Catherine?  The moment I go back to London your darling little brother Charles will declare himself king of France and all this will be for nothing!” scowled Henry.

“Perhaps that should tell you something, Henry.  This is a war you can fight – but never win.  All it can do is give popular support to Charles’ cause.  How can you not see that?”

“Do you wish to see your father?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“It is a question, now answer it plainly.  I have little time for your courtly games.”

Catherine eyed him, “I will not enter Paris unless you do.  Which is to say I do not expect to see it again.”

“Faithless creature, aren’t you?”

“Hardly.  I know where my home is – and who my allies are.  My mother taught me well.”

“Women!” exclaimed Henry with frustration.  “You all think you rule the world and all the men in it!”

“Pardonnez-moi, Henri roi d’Angleterre – but who started this war and who is fighting it?  Not one woman was consulted in this.  No, Henry of England – this is your war.”

Henry collapsed into a chair, “Must we fight again, Kate?”

“Must you war with France?”

Exhaustion filled Henry’s eyes “Old argument!”

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