Catch Me If I Fall by River Ford

Darcy never thought becoming a nanny would crack her heart wide open.

Catch me if i fall

Darcy Fletcher has been struggling to find her purpose in life. She’s run out of general classes and still doesn’t know what her major should be. Perhaps taking a job as a nanny this fall will be a better use of her time than college. At least she’ll be making money instead of wasting it.

The new high school coach, Evan Porter, has decided that small-town Sugar Creek is where he wants to raise his five-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, he needs extra help during the football season. One of the Sugar Mamas sets him up with a nanny. Darcy’s young, impulsive, full of energy, and too appealing for her own good. He can’t stop thinking about her, but Evan learned the hard way that young love doesn’t last, and he won’t be Darcy’s practice run.

Will Darcy find she belongs with Evan, or will their age difference be too much for him to get over?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Clean & Wholesome

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: small town, single dad, nanny, autumn, sports romance, series

Word Count: 71292

Sales info:

This is part of a six-author series (new seasons every 9 months) so there are a lot of people helping market. At this posting, this book is up for preorder. The first book in the series has been my best seller.

Sample text:

Darcy jerked and spun in a half circle to pull herself free. The jacket stayed on one arm, but the other side slid to the ground as the purse strap finally came loose. It flew out of her hand and bounced off a solidly built man trying to step around her. Seriously, his chest and shoulder width was impressive. The defined collarbone outlined under his long-sleeved t-shirt was surrounded by tight muscles that did something funny to her stomach.

Her eyes slid upward to a strong jaw covered in stubble, amazing lips, a straight nose, and a pair of striking hazel eyes fixed on her with a flinty stare. Just her rotten luck—the one time she wasn’t paying attention, she ran into Evan Porter.

This was a face she’d reflected on many times since the day her brother got married. Luckily, he’d been wearing a tux that hid his shoulders and chest better than his current outfit, or she would have been stuck dreaming about those too. His hair was longer than she remembered. It had a wave that was almost a curl, where before it had been buzzed.

The little girl beside him wore a bright yellow party dress and two bows in her hair. She smiled up at Darcy with big eyes. It was so inappropriate to gawk at the man when his daughter was with him.

“I’m so sorry,” Darcy moaned. She must be bright red from the heat flooding her cheeks. 

Evan didn’t smile, but his daughter giggled.

“Daddy, you got fowled.” She added the ‘w’ to the word, which made Darcy smile too. The cutie’s blonde curls bounced as she jumped up and down. “But she didn’t sack you.”

That’s because the man was solid. He was easily six-three or four with compact muscles. In other words, he was H. O. T. 

His daughter’s comment brought a smile to the man’s lips. “It’ll take more than a girl to take me out.”

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